Printing Problems can Cause Many Headaches

By: Conchita Reid

Murphy's Law dictates that when you need your printer the most it will seem to have a mind of its own. You hit several buttons on your printer with no response. The printer has gone haywire and you are wits end. Before you throw the printer out the window to its death, take a look at the following printing problems that could be at the root of this situation.

First let's look at your printer driver. No, your driver is not the guy that drives you to a fancy occassion. The printer driver communicates between your software and printer. If this printer driver is missing either due to a power surge or system crash then you need to reinstall it. Or if you have connected a new printer to your computer you need to make sure that the printer driver for the new printer is installed. Otherwise your computer will ignore your new printer.

How often do you use your printer? Perhaps you have run out of printer ink. You can determine whether this is the case if you click on the properties icon for your printer. You must replace your printer ink cartridge with the exact same make and model to ensure that it will print correctly. Take the old cartridge to the office supply store to make sure that you don't buy the wrong ink cartridge. Ask for help from the store staff to make sure you buy the right ink cartridge.

Another printer affliction is jammed paper. Especially if you pulled the paper out of the printer only to have small pieces wedged in the innerworkings of the printer. If this occurs you need to carefully pick through the printer to find all the lose paper pieces. Then hit the paper feed button to get yourself back in business.

If you find that your printer was out of paper prior to initiating the printing process, simply sticking more paper in fails to do anything. Again, you will probably need to hit the paper feed or reset button before it will function properly. Sometimes, you may just have to print the job over again.

Do you have paper in the printer paper tray? Seems logical, but sometimes the paper runs out and you don't notice it. Make sure to add paper and hit the paper feed button to get the printing process under way. You can also cancel the print job, refill the paper, and then create a new print job.

It is probably safest to first shut down your entire computer before reattaching the connection. On some systems you can get away without taking this extra step.

Having troubles with your printer can cause you to reach for extra-strength Tylenol. Remember to remain calm when your printer goes haywire even if you are tempted to throw it out the window. Go through the possible printer problems listed above to help you print your documents once again.

Dealing with the moodiness of your printer can be avoided if you go through the possible causes listed above. Of course printing problems occur at the worst moment possible, but you can make life better by remaining cool and collected. Try this solutions and if they don't work then maybe your printer is ready for the printing graveyard.

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