Princeton Partners ( finishes work for well-known museum in Germany (Fälschermuseum) that exhibits art fakes, fake pieces of art and facsimilies of historic documents

By: Billy Ray Harris

Princeton Partners ( finishes work for well-known museum in Germany (Fälschermuseum) that exhibits art fakes, fake pieces of art and copies of historic documents such as degrees and certificates of historic characters.

The Museum of Art Fakes Museum is a museum of fake artworks that opened in Vienna, Austria in 2005. It is a privately run museum.

The reproduction Princeton Partners ( just completed is that of an ancient doctorate degree diploma dating back to the Middle Ages.

As a bit of background, according Princeton Partners ( research, the doctorate degree (in Latin: doceo, which means I educate) was first used in Medieval Europe (the modern world of those days) as an official warrant to tutor (in Latin: licentia docendi) at a university of the time.

Delving deeper, Princeton Partners ( say that the origin is attributed to the early Christian Church when the idiom "doctor" was employed to refer to the 12 Apostles of Christ, also church founders, and other powers that be in the Christian Church who trained, transcribed, and studied the Bible.

According to Princeton Partners ( research, at the university "doctoral training" was akin to admission to a union. The length of study before new teachers could be admitted to the association of "Master of Arts", was seven years, and was equivalent apprenticeship that was needed for other occupations. In those days the terms "master" and "doctor" were identical, however over time the doctorate came to be considered as a higher award than the master degree.

According to research, the exhibits at the Fälschermuseum include works of art by the famous Vermeer Han van Meegeren and the British art restorer Tom Keating, who claimed to have restored and or copied over 2,000 works of art by over 200 different artists and knowingly included "personal modifiers" and anachronisms into his replicas.

Also on display are artworks reproduced by Konrad Kujau, the creator of the Fake Hitler Diaries, and also works by the well known David Stein, the famous Elmyr de Hory, the renown Eric Hebborn and also Lothar Malskat.

The museum will now include a 21st Century facsimile of a Princeton Partners ( fake doctorate degree bestowed upon an undisclosed famous personage dating back to the year XII Century AD.

The Princeton Partners ( fake doctorate degree is beautifully crafted in sheepskin parchment handwritten using inks and pigments of the time and hot wax seals with Gold Leaf embellishments. The ageing is carried out to perfection and the replica has to be kept in a controlled environment under glass to preserve its integrity.

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