Prime Factor in the Brain Development of Kids Art

By: Moby Bond

Have you ever noticed a child coloring a blank sheet of paper with the crayons available to it? The finished masterpiece portrays the imagination of the child. Do you ever think it will grow up to be an artist? If so, then you perfectly comprehend the beauties of childhood, else you are the practical kind of person. Art should not be considered a field of study. Instead it is a habit which needs to be nurtured right from birth. It helps our imagination flow unbounded, and eventually aids us in thinking out-of-the-box.

The skills a child gains through art will later aid it in many projects it may undertake. If language is important for communication, art is crucial for perception. When a child fills a blank paper with colors, it is trying to visually communicate. It will try to draw the experience that is still fresh in its mind, but since its imagination has not yet been fully developed, you as an adult will notice a random painting.

Art is one of the few things that don't require any particular language to comprehend. Since kids learn to paint much before learning and understanding a language completely, they can socialize within themselves through the power of the artist's tools. On comparison of the works of child artists, they can quite easily point out the similarities and differences between each other's work, eventually triggering the socializing trait.

Art even lights up the candle of thought within a kid. After a hard day's work at school, art helps to soothe a child's mind, gradually initiating a thought process where many school teachers fail to. The child starts asking questions to himself, and tries to find their answers on its own before consulting an adult in the vicinity. This inadvertent curiosity gives birth to an interest, eventually progressing to the level of a profession. Thus, you as a guardian can determine your kid's interest in a particular field of study at a very young age, with the help of art.

Like most other individuals, even a child learns with experience. For instance, when it discovers a new way to hold the paintbrush with his hand which proves to be more effective, it will shed the old way and embrace the new one. But there are millions of ways to hold a single paintbrush, and you can't expect your kid to discover each of those, the reason why we need to teach it the correct way. We may do that more effectively though, in a way that the child feels it has discovered the trick all by itself. No wonder it takes tact to handle a child and not every adult can boast of that tact.

We all want our kids to be overly successful in life, the reason why some parents might despise the arts. One needs to be a perfectionist to succeed in arts after all. But among all these material aspirations, we tend to overlook the inborn desires of the child. I had mentioned it in the beginning of the article, and I cite it again Art is not a field of study but a way of life.

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