Primary Reasons For Mens Hair Loss

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In this modern edge, hair loss has become a common problem for men across the whole world irrespective of age of the people. Kids, children, youngsters as well as elder peoples are suffering from this problem. There are various reasons for it. To understand the primary reasons for hair loss, you have to know about the hair growth process. There are three phases involved in natural growth of hair in men anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen is the first phase that is also known as growing or active phase. Catagen is second phase which is also considered as short phase of the natural hair cycle. In this phase, hair begins to break down. The last phase of the hair growth process is telogen. This phase deals with all of the resting phase. Hairs that are shed daily are usually in the late or resting phase in the hair cycle. 10% of the hairs are in the resting or talogen phase at any time. These hairs are getting prepared for cyclic shedding as they are not growing.

The general belief among the people about the hair loss is that it is associated with normal or internal disease as well as poor diet may also be a dominant factor of it. No one can ignore these facts but many times the reasons may be totally different from it. Due to result of predetermined genetic factors, family history and the overall aging process, hair may be thin. In thirties and forties, most of men may feel a mild and normal physiologic thinning of hair. There may also be other reasons for thinning of the hair. Such reasons include nutritional changes, temporary severe stress as well as hormonal changes along with many others.

There may be various health conditions that are responsible for mens hair loss, these conditions may be iron deficiency anemia, thyroid disease, which are responsible for hair loss. There may be other underlying health issues for primary causes. In these conditions, you should take mens hair loss treatment as soon as possible. At the first instance, you should consult to your family doctor (general physician) for the proper treatment. After that, you may go for other hair specialist doctors by the recommendation of your family physician.

Hair is one of the most important factors for men that enhance their personality. Without it, you can imagine how they look like. Hence, you should never hesitate in taking hair loss treatment properly as you feel that your hairs are becoming thinner.

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