Prevention of Disease on Small Animals

By: SA Perillo

Heartworm infection causes irreversible and serious damages to the lungs, heart and other vital organs such as the kidneys and the liver. When these major organs are damaged already, there will be a very little percentage of survival for the infected animal. Death would certainly transpire after the host experiences all the symptoms and complications that contribute to their expiration such as pulmonary hypertension, Vena Cava Syndrome and thrombosis.

A known and trusted original heartworm preventive for canines is called Heartgard. Heartgard comes in a tasty-appearance in the form of wafer that has beef flavor given to the dog every month. A once a month wafer is very affordable as it is in fact effective in treating heartworm disease. Another is Sentinel that comes in the form of flavored tablets dogs will surely love plus Revolution spot on drops on the dog’s skin may also be a good preventive for your dog. For just a cheap price of 10 dollars a month, heartworms may be prevented to spread in your dog’s body. Besides, caring for your dog’s health condition is essential. After all, imagine the hardships that your dog has to undergo while it is carrying thread-like worms that are as long as 10 inches living and swimming through the blood vessels of their body! The kidneys and liver will surely be infected since complexities in the production of anti-bodies fight against the proteins of these worms.

Mosquitoes transmit the larvae of adult female heartworms from infected pets to an uninfected animal through its mosquito bite. It takes two weeks before the eggs called microfilariae grows into larvae. The larvae stay in the mouth of the mosquitoes until the mosquito bites a new host and leaves the mouth of the mosquitoes. Under the skin and muscles, these larvae find its way to penetrate the right side of the heart and stay there until they mature and become adult worms.

Younger heartworms take 6 months before they mature full-grown but this will only happen when they pass through a mosquito. This is the main reason why southern states and other areas where hot and humid climate is felt, heartworm is mostly likely to be observed by canines as this is the favorite breeding ground of mosquitoes. An infected dog may still be infected up to several times from different mosquitoes.

These roundworm parasites block the passageways of blood such as the blood vessels and pulmonary artery and vena cava of the heart. When these blood passageways are clogged, the normal blood circulation will be affected causing back pressure to the lungs and therefore distressing the lungs and the heart. Since the heart will have to pump blood with greater effort, the heart muscles grow thick and this could lead to death because of arrythmia. Build up of fluids in the abdominal cavity and in the chest part of the host because of the weak heart. Inflammation in the eyes joins and kidneys may also be observed in dogs since antibodies have built up and caused damages to membranes and caused pains.

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