Preventing Heart Diseases in Women: The Natural Way

By: James Pendergraft

It is a sad reality that most women consider death from heart diseases as second only to breast cancer as the main cause of death. While it cannot be denied that breast cancer is also a top killer in women, it is wrong to think that heart diseases do not affect women that much. This erroneous thinking largely results from belief that heart diseases are more likely to strike men than women. At present, men are by far still the more numerous victims of heart diseases—but women are catching up.

There are many factors that make women equally susceptible to heart diseases:

1) Foremost of this is the consumption preference for fast foods and other processed foods that contain large amounts of oil and fat, which contribute to having heart problems.

2) Another is the growing number of women who smoke and drink—a testament to changes in lifestyle and fashion but very harmful to their health.

3) Moreover, women are less likely to exercise than men, leading women to live sedentary lifestyles. Instead, most women are apt to spend their time between their work and family.

Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases in Women

1) Maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet for women is one that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, daily intake of milk, lean meat, whole grains, and dairy products. This will provide a woman’s body with all the essential nutrients as well as preventing heart diseases.

2) Make sure to have plenty of fiber intakes for the body. Fiber is known for cleansing the body’s system from harmful toxins. The best way to obtain fiber is through oats and bran, which contain soluble fibers that the body can easily absorb.

3) Some studies suggest that a moderate intake of alcohol will do the body good. Whatever the merit behind it, experts still suggest that it is still far better to avoid alcohol.

4) Quit smoking. Smoking is one of the leading cause of heart diseases. So if you want to live longer, stop smoking.

5) Exercise regularly. A daily 30-minute exercise can do a lot of benefits for the body. Foremost of these benefits is that it can strengthen the body’s immune system while at the same time strengthen the cardiovascular muscles to make them sturdier and enable them to withstand heart diseases.

6) Reduce salt intake. A high level of salt intake can cause an increased blood volume, which may lead to stiffness of the blood vessels and increase the likelihood of hypertension.

Prevention of heart diseases in women largely lies with her lifestyle. It is more a matter of discipline and self-conviction to let go of things and vices that can cause heart diseases. Moreover, a woman needs to change her views on heart diseases and consider herself equally at risk as men. In doing so, the necessary preparations to preventing the disease will be exercised.

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