Preventing Arthritis with Glucosamine for Dogs

By: SA Perillo

Glucosamine for dogs is very important for the health of your petís joints. The substance occurs naturally in the body of both dogs and humans. As dogs grow older, the amount of glucosamine their body produces decrease. As this goes on, the levels of glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulfate decrease. This results in degradation of the cartilage. Eventually, the lack of necessary substances and fluid in the joints causes canine arthritis. Older dogs are more susceptible to arthritis, and as they get older, they will eventually get some degree of the disease. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to arthritis, because of certain genetic predispositions. The main cause of canine arthritis is the lack of joint fluid. It starts out as osteoarthritis. This causes the dogís joints and cartilages to become less elastic and a lot stiffer. In time, this can cause severe problems. This is a painful condition, causing the dog to have decreased energy. It also promotes muscular atrophy.

Glucosamine for dogs is the best treatment for arthritis. Taking regular doses of the substance will eventually replenish the lost glucosamine supply in the body. However, most people do not know that it can also be used for preventative purposes. Glucosamine is a holistic treatment for arthritis in dogs. This means that there are no side effects when you administer it to your dog. Some veterinary communities are reluctant to use this treatment, though, because there are not enough studies to ensure the effectiveness of the dog.
All evidence points to one thing: glucosamine is effective in treating canine arthritis. It is most effective, however, if you use it to prevent arthritis. This means your dog has to use it before he even develops the disease. In some studies done by the Mayo Clinic, they have proven that glucosamine treatment significantly reduces pain and inflammation caused by canine arthritis. Glucosamine also inhibits certin enzymes responsible for the degradation of cartilages. Further, the substance has the ability to enhance cell activity to regenerate cartilage.

Preventing arthritis in dogs is easier than most pet owners think. Today, not all old dogs have to suffer the discomfort of arthritis. Giving your dog a regular dose of glucosamine could save him the pain. Most veterinarians recommend glucosamine supplements once they reach their middle years. Some dogs are even made to take them earlier because of certain genetic factors. If your dog has any injuries that might have possible damaged his joints, leading to stiffness, itís best to treat him with glucosamine as well.

Keep in mind that glucosamine for dogs are not a pain killer. It is also by no means a quick way to relieve the symptoms. Rather, it prevents the disease from happening by keeping the glucosamine levels healthy. This effectively hinders the degradation process. This form of treatment causes significantly less than if your dog were treated later in life with invasive treatments. For dogs that already have arthritis, administer glucosamine four weeks before any visible signs of arthritis to help your dog get better.

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