Preventing Alcohol Abuse By Students

By: Ben Pate

If you are going to be headed off to college soon you should consider a course on alcohol abuse before you go. It is important to remember that alcohol abuse is rampant across college campuses everywhere. There is a lot of peer pressure to drink once you head off to school. This type of counseling can help students learn how to not fall victim to substance abuse problems once on campus. It will hopefully prevent the need for alcohol medical detoxification at an alcohol detox rehab.

College Freshmen

It is well known that college freshmen take advantage of the laxer supervision that dorm life has to offer. For these reasons they imbibe more alcohol than they ever would have before. However, research recently showed that even among those who were heavy drinkers before entering college, once they had either a parental or peer intervention discussing the effects of alcohol they were less likely to become heavy drinkers. The best way to defeat alcoholism is with alcohol detoxification treatment

Alcohol Abuse

There have been many scientific studies recently that have shown that college students are drinking more than ever before. This is a disturbing trend that needs to be quickly addressed. However, with television and movies continuing to glorify alcohol consumption, this does not seem like a likely scenario. We must learn from this research so that we can educate these young people on the dangers of alcohol abuse and the damage it can reap on their academic careers.

Student Athletes

One group that is especially susceptible to developing a drug or alcohol dependency is student athletes. This is probably because of the fact that so much is asked of student athletes and so much pressure is put on them. They are by far, research shows, the most prone group of college students to develop a drinking problem. Fortunately, now that this fact is known, we as a society can begin to address the problem by educating our student athletes.


It is vital that we educate our young people about the dangers of alcohol abuse before they leave for college. Especially, it is important for kids who have gotten into trouble with alcohol during high school. More than ever, college aged people are succumbing to alcohol poisoning and even death in some cases. It is vital that we begin to educate children on the dangers of alcohol addiction so that these types of cases can start to subside.

Types Of Counseling

The important thing to remember, for parents and teachers, is that teenagers do, in fact, listen to what they are told. Research continues to prove that students are made aware of the dangers of alcohol abuse before they go to college are far less likely to binge drink once on campus. This should be encouraging to parents and educators everywhere. Now, the goal should be to educate as many teenagers as possible, before they leave for college, the dangerous consequences of binge drinking.

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There are many things that can lead a college freshman to abuse alcohol. However, by talking to them before they leave for school, you will give them a much better chance of not falling victim to substance abuse. It is a good idea for young people who are about to leave for college to go through some sort of alcohol counseling program while they are still in high school. Research shows this is an incredible effective way of making sure a student does not abuse alcohol once they get on campus.

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