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By: Jeff May

Awash in grime!

You have a contractor hired to wash your property regularly. Yet, when you took a closer look at your property today, you were surprised at how old the walls and fences look. Even the pool sides seemed faded and lack luster. You are wondering what the problem is.

Well, any experienced cleaning professional will take one look at your property and tell you exactly what the issue is.
Pressure Washing. your cleaners aren't doing it! A regular soap-and-water or squeegee and sponge wash doesn't do your property much advantage, except for making it "look clean". While cursory amounts of dirt, dust and foreign particles run off the surface with water, the property is still awash in grime and mould.

Pressure - the right tactics

Many inexperienced cleaning crews employ novice cleaners who are unaware of the basic characteristics of dirt and grime. With time, dirt, dust and mould has a way of solidifying, especially once exposed to sun and wind, making them extremely entrenched in crevices of walls and fences, driveways and roofs, pool sides and floors, and even on surfaces of solar panels and other structures. No amount of water poured through buckets or hoses will dislodge that mess.

A company that specializes in pressure washing recognizes this unique phenomenon, and uses appropriate tools and techniques to deal with it. For instance, understanding that not all surfaces are built alike, and that each of them has a unique propensity to attract and trap dirt, is key to fighting dirt. Without a professional grasp of this basic principle, no amount of strong arm tactics will get your property clean and pristine-looking.

The right tools

Professional pressure washing services companies employ highly trained technicians on their cleaning crews. These individuals master the use of gadgets like commercial "Whirl-Away" rotary machines that are uniquely designed to dislodge even the most stubbornly entrenched particles - oil stains, grease and chewing gum - from your property.

Companies that rely on conventional cleaning techniques are no match for a professional, highly-trained crew that brings with them many years of cleaning a variety of property and landscapes. Using cleaning machines that produce from 600psi to 4000psi of pressure, they can target deep-rooted grime and mould on any surface of your property.

A win-win

By using a professional cleaning company for pressure washing your home, garage, factory, workshop, warehouse and other residential and commercial properties, you get the peace of mind that they will do the job in an environmentally-friendly way. They use bio-degradable formulas that are safe for pets, plants and people, and that leave no harmful residue behind.

And, their modern equipment does the job faster, and uses less water than a conventional cleaner would use. So what's not to like about having your property professionally cleaned. It's a win-win for everyone!

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