Press releases as promotion tools

By: Jillian whittaker

Why do we need a press release? What purpose does it have? What are its benefits? Well, a simple answer to this is that you need people to know about your existence. If you need to be known as a person or as a business entity, then you have to distribute news about yourself. A press release does this for you.
It basically is a means of communicating a new product launch or a fresh acquisition via written or recorded media for publicity purposes. It is written in third person.
The need for a business to promote itself and gain brand recognition is fulfilled by such press releases. They can be used to change how you and your business are viewed, gain recognition and building a good rapport with important media contacts. What it also does is it increases traffic to your website.
Let's see how. When you post news or articles about you, it drastically increases the chances of directing traffic to your site. The more you are seen and read about, the more publicity you will get and the numbers of visits also increase.
A press release has a universal appeal and is viewed by the probable clients and the customers alike. You can announce opening of new a business or its relocation and publicize your products and services. It can help you get a contract or can motivate a customer to try your product which is already available in the market.
A press release should be better be written by a professional as it is critical in providing platform for a new product or a service by a company. The content should be to the point and should be directed towards the favourable audience so as to attract attention. Unnecessary information should be avoided and necessary information should be highlighted.
The press release distribution should be properly planned beforehand so as to make it a success. A research should be done to know the media that would be most effective in conveying the idea to a maximum number of audiences. A press release can work wonders if done meticulously.

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