President's Pledge To Finding A Cure "In Our Time"

By: Kelly Singleton

President Obama has pledged to conquer cancer "in our time." Obama's first proposed budget includes $6 billion for cancer research by the National Institutes of Health. That's in addition to the $10 billion provided by the stimulus package for 2009 and 2010.
How long will it actually take to cure cancer is anyone's guess, but many health professionals are encouraged with Obama's initiative. Given that "cancer" encompasses more than 200 diseases, it makes sense that different varieties require different treatments and approaches.
Take for example, pancreatic cancer, which normally takes lives within six months of diagnosis. If you are still alive after five years, chances are you are cured. But breast cancer can come back even after 10 years.
There are thousands of clinical trials going on right now, some more promising than others. For example, one team of researchers is on the leading edge of breast cancer research. Mentor Capital, Inc (MNTR) and Quantum Immunologics (QI) are currently undergoing FDA trials for a patented immunotherapy treatment. Instead of enduring mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation, patients receiving MNTR/QI's patented Oncofetal Antigen (OFA) dendritic therapy process are reporting only flu-like symptoms that naturally follow any immune system activation. OFA has also been found on ALL 500 cancers tested and is not found on healthy tissue.
Already there are cancers that respond well to drugs for several years and there are some treatments to keep cancer at bay. But, there are no "cures" for the more than 11 million people living in the United States with some form of cancer, according to the latest statistics from the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Database. But there is a lot of progress.
Whether the cure is found through a private company or government funded research, Obama's goal of finding a cure is a sign of hope for those suffering from cancer. Many doctors believe the initiative is a tremendous asset to cancer research.

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