President Obama Is Offering Debt Relief Through Government Grants - Secure Yours Now!

By: Lindsy Emery

With the country in economic turmoil, President Obama has begun to initiate changes needed to build a stronger economic foundation.
One of the greatest areas of concern is debt relief. With programs now being launched to help with home foreclosures, credit card settlements and financial institution bailouts, the federal government is finally on the path to helping the little guy. With credit card debt at such pandemic proportions, new bills have been created meant to regulate credit card companies, placing limits on the interest rates and hidden fees they can charge as well as closer monitoring of these companies by the government.
In this era of high unemployment, President Obama is encouraging parents to return to school with the aid of higher Pell Grants and Scholarships available up to $10,000 per year, as well as tax exemptions. Financial aid grants and scholarships are available through participating institutions and may be used toward not only costs of education, but for living expenses as well.
These grants and scholarships are based on household income. Additionally, the first $4,000 of college expenses is deductible on your taxes. Traditional campus colleges are no longer the only option for education, but with the advances in technology a student can participate in online classes and institutions that teach a particular course of study at accelerated rates. Scholarships are available for these options as well.
We did not get into this predicament over night and there is no quick fix, but President Obama is leading the way to a brighter future.

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