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By: Julia Bennet

Foto Malen offers individuals a unique opportunity to preserve their favorite pictures in the form of a portrait nach foto, which is an oil painting replication of an original picture. Having an artist create a painting of your favorite picture allows you to display the finished product as an accent for a bare wall, while keeping the original picture safe from the harmful effects of being exposed to the elements. These paintings can be created from any picture you have in your possession, so long as the images depicted can be easily identified and the picture hasnít been damaged prior to being presented to the artist.

Foto malen usually refers to oil paintings that are created by an artist who is using a still photo as a reference rather than needing to have a live setting from which to work from. Portrait nach foto can also be accomplished using other mediums as well, although oil paint generally offers the highest quality and most satisfaction, individuals can also choose to have their pictures replicated in acrylic, water based paints or temperate paints. Pictures can also be reproduced as caricatures using mediums such as charcoal, colored pencils, markers or airbrush paints; it simply depends on what the customer prefers. These reproductions can be accomplished in a matter of minutes or they can be completed in a number of days, depending on the artist and the medium selected.

Having a portrait nach foto completed of your favorite picture will preserve the image for generations to come. A foto malen can be passed down from one family member to another to preserve a special moment in the family history, or can be offered as a gift for a treasured and respected family member on a special occasion. These unique gifts are time honored treasures that reflect memories from our past. Family members, friends and guests will enjoy the visual aesthetics of a good quality portrait painting.

Portrait nach foto techniques are used to recreate images that are presented in still pictures; therefore they can contain any image the individual captures with the camera. Foto malen has gained popularity in recent years, once considered a privilege enjoyed by the wealthy, the cost of having this type of painting created has dropped significantly, allowing just about anyone with the penchant for having one created the opportunity to realize their dreams and desires.

If you are considering having a foto malen created there are several artists that are capable of producing a portrait nach foto to meet your requirements. The Internet has many different websites listed that offer these types of services for anyone that is interested. It is recommended that a fair amount of research be done before selecting a company or artist to perform these works for you. Take a look at some of the previous work they have accomplished. Any site offering these services should have a gallery of the original picture and the artistís recreation of the piece for comparison.

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Have you been thinking of getting a foto malen? Order your portrait nach foto today as most websites and artists need to schedule incoming orders efficiently to be able to return the original along with the reproduction in a timely fashion.

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