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Many people diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) experience similar feelings: they feel scared, overwhelmed by the disease and its implications, and even confused about how it could have happened. If your disease is the result of Fen-Phen use, you may also be feeling angry. Whatever you're feeling, understand that it is normal. You will likely run the gamut of emotions by the time your doctor has established an effective PPH treatment and you have returned to a more normal lifestyle.

No matter how you feel, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension and PPH treatment are much easier to cope with if you stay involved in the treatment process, and gain as much knowledge about the disease and your treatment as possible.

It is difficult to maintain a sense of security at a time when many aspects of your life may feel out of control. Getting as much information as possible about the disease and your treatment options can help a great deal with these feelings. Most patients as well as doctors agree that having this information can make it easier to cope with the disease and with treatment.

After being diagnosed, the process of establishing a treatment plan is often long and exhaustive. People tend to have unique responses to PPH treatment medications, and the only sure way to know which medication will work most effectively is to try each in turn until the most effective treatment is found. Depending on your responses to each drug, your doctor may decide that Tracleer treatment is your best option, and this drug has its own unique set of risks which may be difficult to cope with.

It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible during diagnosis and treatment processes. Ask as many questions of your doctor as you feel are necessary. There are no "wrong" questions. Included here is a list of possible questions to ask your doctor. You may find it helpful to write these down, and include any other questions that come to you.

Remember that information not only helps you feel more in control, it will make you safer as well. If you and your friends and family know as much as possible about the disease, its symptoms, the side effects of PPH treatment and the side effects of this treatment, it will enable you to get help more quickly if you experience any of them.

* How severe is your condition? What is your long-term prognosis?
* What symptoms might you experience in the future?
* Which of these are "warning-signs"? What should you do if you experience these?
* What are your treatment options? Is this treatment the best choice?
* What are the side effects of it?
* What tests will your doctor do to determine if the treatment is working?
* What kinds of lifestyle changes should you make?
* Are there any activities, foods, or over-the-counter medications you should avoid?

There are two serious side effects associated with Tracleer treatment that may leave you feeling even more overwhelmed or scared if your doctor decides this is the best PPH treatment for you.

It is known to cause liver damage, and it is also not prescribed for pregnant women because of the damage it causes to unborn babies. For this reason, it is not possible to become pregnant while taking it. For young women who are hoping to start a family, this can be devastating thing to have to accept.

For people with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension who are undergoing this treatment and PPH treatment in general, another way to help reduce the anxiety and get some needed emotion support is by finding a support group in your area. Your doctor or another health professional may be able to recommend a group near you.

If you are unable to find a support group using this method, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association web site provides a list of support groups available in all US regions, as well as in other countries of the world. Getting in touch with other people who share your concerns and who are going through the same things you are can help make PPH less frightening and easier to cope with.

Although PPH is not curable, the PPH treatments available make it possible to achieve a much more normal lifestyle than was possible even ten years ago. Staying positive with this disease can be difficult, but with knowledge of the disease, and the support of family and friends it is possible.

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