Prerequisites to a Successful Workout Program

By: Peter Roseberg

You’re faced with plenty of challenges when you’re under a workout program. Sure, you’ve seen bodybuilders with buffed physiques to back up their intense regimen, but all that progress requires hard work and lots of patience, something you’ve yet to develop if you’re still starting out with the lightest loads and exercises. You have to start somewhere, and it’s better if you know what to expect before you start your first routine. Experienced bodybuilders are well aware of the few rules applicable to a buff, fit physique, and you’ll benefit from the essential truths that prevent mistakes and ensure healthy growth.

The plateau is the most dreaded phase of the program, and everyone goes through it once in a while. If you started a heavy weight and shed plenty of pounds within a month of workout sessions, then you’ll surely be hyped up so much that you set unrealistic expectations in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the human body reacts differently to routines, especially those which involve the same mundane, repeated steps. You can only do so much before your body gets too accustomed to the sessions. Your progress is stunted in the following weeks when you maintain the same program. The only way to break a plateau is with variety, either by changing the routines or by shifting to different loads.

Your diet is a crucial part of your workout program, because your body needs the nutrients and minerals to recover from the wear and tear of your routines. Most nutritionists agree that a bodybuilder’s diet should involve lean protein, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Protein is key to muscle growth, and you’ll have to consume 2.2 grams of pure protein for every pound of your weight in order to build muscle mass. It is possible to obtain this daily requirement from natural, whole foods, but you’ll still have to portion your meals into six small servings, spread out evenly throughout the day. The one problem you’ll face when you’re on a strict diet is the hunger pangs in between meals. You’ll avoid (or endure through) the cravings with more frequent, smaller meals.

Your diet won’t lead to muscle gain or development if you don’t sweat it out at the gym. Your program will vary with your goals, though, and ineffective routines are the consequence of you trying to flesh out a program without the help of a fitness trainer. Your local gym should have in-house personnel tasked to guide through the routines, ensuring your reps are properly executed and your sessions properly plotted out.

The best trainers know the ins and outs of routines because they’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. They should also have enough knowledge of performance enhancements so they can recommend supplements appropriate to your needs and workout goals. Protein and pre-workout supplements are taken with discretion, in appropriate servings and occasions. You can learn more about Musclewerks D-fine 8 in if you’re considering on supplementing your program with performance boosters. It’s possible to do your program all on your own, but you’ll waste precious time with trial and error, ending up with results a trainer can readily achieve for you if you only had the sense to ask for it and follow through.

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