Preparing a Menu for a Baby Shower

By: Richard Curtain

If there's a bridal shower that is held as a gift-giving party for a bride-to-be, there's also a baby shower that is organized for an expectant mother, but also for a mother who has recently given birth. Well, the party is actually not only for the mother, but for both parents as a way of celebrating the pending or recent birth of their child. Gifts are presented during this occasion either to the parents or the baby or both.

You may or may not be aware that the term 'shower' actually refers to the, well, showering of gifts by the guests. The gifts can be anything from baby food to clothes and diapers and even feeding items. In many countries, such gifts are usually opened during the party itself.

A party won't be complete without food. So if you're organizing a baby shower for a friend soon but have no idea what to include on the menu, the following suggestions may come in handy:

Prepare great appetizers - These are the little pieces of food stuff that’s served before the main dishes are served (but, of course, you already know that). Here is where you can have fun while making use of your creativity. You can combine different types of food and skewer them. Have as much variety as you can with the food you'll be combining, including their colors.

Bake a cake - One of the things that's usually a fixture at any party is that baked goodness. You can find tons of recipes for baking a cake, even from watching cooking shows. You can ask the mother-to-be or new mother what her favorite cake flavor is and work around that flavor. You can either make just one big cake or make several tiny versions of the 'mother' cake and hand them out to the guests at the end of the party as a party favor.

Make muffins - Aside from (or in lieu of) cakes, you can also prepare those semi-sweet things that always bring delights to anybody who eats them: muffins. Just like cakes, you can also create a variety of flavors of muffins depending on the specific ingredient you use, whether it's chocolate, cinnamon, peach, or strawberry.

Serve up some salad - You can think of healthy ingredients this time when preparing a salad to keep that balance on your menu. Again, there are tons of healthy recipes available out there when it comes to preparing this mixed savory dish. You can invent your own recipe since it's hard to get it wrong when it comes to making salads.

Fix some pizzas - It's usually more fun when something is shared. What's great about serving pizzas is that there's that good feeling of the same whole food being partaken by everybody. You can make your own home-made goodness or you can order them if you don't trust your pizza-making skills. Whether it's thin-crust or thick-crust, pizzas can always liven up any party menu.

Thinking of food to serve in a baby shower is never hard. And if you don't know how to prepare or cook the food suggestions here, you can always enlist the help of your friends who are good in the kitchen. Of course, don't forget to decorate the venue to give it that celebratory atmosphere.

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