Prepared Your Sensing Salts—Ugg Footwear Might Be Going Extinct

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Terrible information, sorority ladies of 2003. Despite the brave initiatives of Tom Brady and Andre Leon Talley and the ghosting of Newlyweds-era Jessica Simpson, the once vaunted Ugg begin is circulating down the crapper posthaste. With earnings down 31%, it seems unlikely that the organization will be able to lifeless along for too much more time.

In other terms, if you are one of the very few Ugg loyalists out there who has not yet shortened terminal toxoplasmosis from your own foot-sweat, the couple of inside-out yeti bladders you are currently squelching around in might be essential. Bonjour tristesse!

The problem? Apparently—for some MYSTERIOUS REASON—they just cannot get females to buy them anymore:

Ugg encounters a frightening reality: female's boots might be going out of design.

“The toughest is yet to come,” Sam Poser, an specialist at Sterne Agee, informed the Huffington Publish, including that “weaker Ugg begin revenue might not just be due to climate, but may indicate that boots have decreased out of design.”

If that is real, Ugg’s issues become a lot more complicated. While the organization is creating progress with men, female's boots create up many its company.

Oh, I see! You people are confused! Let me help you out. You are having issues getting females to buy your boots because your boots are banging groooooooooooooss. Your boots create Parents June’s fork lift legs look like Cinderella’s gossamer-swathed queen toe. Your boots look like “barely runaway from the quicksand pit elegant.” Your boots look like two shaved Fizzgigs are trying to issue you to loss of life. And, unfortunately for the Ugg organization, it’s not really “on trend” right now to look like a muppet with hydropsy.

So, why cannot ugg pas cher begin go the way of other well-known purveyors of toe-crime (such as Crocs and Tom’s) and just begin to make a shitload of other designs of shoes until something grabs on? Because they do not want to, I guess:

Women are unlikely to invest for Ugg apartments or loafers because they are already devoted to other manufacturers. Footwear are the primary item.

I mean, I do not know, I’m fairly sure females will buy adorable things if you create adorable things. But you will never get anywhere with that mind-set, ugg paris ! If we’re hesitant of your item it’s not because boots are going out of style—it’s because your venture is a sweat-wet In the Evening Kitchen GARBAGE PARTY. So just, you know, create something cute! I mean, ugg france begin are generally slip-ons, and slip-ons are functional—not stylish. I’m sure you can create some kind of efficient slipper that does not create my eye itself barf.

In a private organization memo released to Jezebel, Ugg CEO Kevin “Ug” Lee informed his promotion division to “GET IT RIGHT OR PAY THE PRICE.”

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If that’s true, Ugg’s problems become a lot more daunting. While the company is making strides with men, women’s boots make up the vast majority of its business.

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