Prepare Your Property For Summer Storms

By: Rodney Melvin

Storms at any time of the year have the potential to be destructive to your property, but summer storms are known as being particularly violent. It is important that you take steps to prepare your property for the occurrence of harsh weather conditions. A large part of these preparations should focus on any trees on and around your home. When high wind speeds are reached, even small branches can be dangerous and cause large amounts of damage.

Below are just a few steps you can take to reduce the damage to your property caused by falling trees and branches. Armed with this information, you can keep your family safe and will have some valuable peace of mind.

Tree Felling And Removal

After an initial consultation by a tree care specialist, they may recommend that you remove some trees on your property. It is generally only recommended that you remove remove trees which are dead, dying, cannot be treated, or are no longer useful for the intended purpose.

Removing a tree, especially in tight suburban blocks, can be a tricky proposition – this is why you should always use a professional service. After all, the last thing you want is to try and remove a tree yourself and have it end up falling through your neighbour’s roof! A professional tree felling service can work in confined spaces quickly and safely. They can also remove the plant material for you, or it can be mulched and left for you to use on your garden. In addition to the removal of the tree itself, many tree removal companies also specialise in removing tree stumps and roots.

Pruning And Maintenance

Often it is not necessary to completely remove a tree, however there will be a number of branches that may be at risk of falling in a storm which can be removed. This can be done in an unobtrusive way, leaving the tree itself and your property undamaged.

In addition to identifying damaged branches that may pose a risk, an assessment of the vegetation on your property may identify trees that are unhealthy or which may present a risk in the future. Once identified, maintenance on these tress can be conducted to keep them healthy and reduce the risk of problems developing in the future.

Safety Bracing And Cabling

There are many old trees that are filled with both history and character. For such trees, it would be a great shame to simply remove them once they become a problem. Not only do they look great, but there are often government regulations preventing the removal of some older trees.

In order to prevent these majestic old trees falling down and causing damage to people or property, braces and cables can be used to provide extra support to the trunk and branches. This is the perfect way to preserve older trees, without compromising on safety.

For more information, or a quote for removing or maintain trees on your property, you should contact your local qualified arborist.

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