Prepaid Legal & Blastoff Network…Boom Or Bust?

By: Dan Pressler

The New Strategic Alliance?

The benefit gained by the Blastoff Network of Prepaid Legal’s 400,000 person sales force is obvious but what is the benefit of Prepaid Legal’s new alliance with Blastoff, an internet startup billing itself as the next big thing that’s going to change the whole internet?

Let's Start With A Brief Review Of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

The inspiration behind the founding of this 38 year old NYSE company known as PrePaid Legal Services, Inc was a car wreck involving Harland Stonecipher back in 1969. While the other driver was determined to be the cause of the accident, she none-the-less initiated a frivalous lawsuit against Stonecipher that cost him thousands in self-defense legal fees.

Mr Stonecipher had car insurance and health insurance which covered all related expenses but the legal fees to defend himself from a baseless lawsuit which he ultimately won, were all put-of-pocket expenses for Stonecipher and left him nearly broke and searching for some type of legal coverage that would have minimized those expenses as well.

The pre-eminent provider of legal expense plans in the country with upwards of 1.5 million members, Prepaid Legal is a New York Stock Exchange listed company and boasts a sales force of more than 400,000 independent representatives who market its various legal expense plans and identity theft program through a multi-level marketing program.

What is it that attracted a solid and stalwart legal services company like PrePaid Legal to want to join forces with the equivalent to a home shopping network on the internet?

The Answer May Lie In Blastoff And Its Marketing Strategy

Blastoff comes to us from William Rodgers and his two partners Scott Berman & Adam Smith. It is the intention of the Blastoff Network to merge online shopping with such big brand names as iTunes, The Gap, WalMart, Target and as many as 400 more online retailers with a cashback or rebate online shopping experience. Consumers are encouraged to sign up with Blastoff for free and invite others to do the same. This network will then pay members overrides on other’s purchases.

According to Mr. Harland Stonecipher, the CEO of PrePaid Legal, the marketing potential of a combined Blastoff Network and PrePaid Legal for what each company has to offer the consumer in the way of products and services. Touted as a marriage of Direct Selling and Viral Marketing, he believes the potential is huge for both companies.

Pre-Paid Legal will be the only Network Marketing/MLM Company to be part of the Blastoff network and Pre-Paid and its legal services membership plan will be prominently featured with a link on the Blastoff home page. The partnership of Prepaid Legal and the Blastoff Network provides Prepaid with a link on the Blastoff homepage advertising Prepaid’s legal expense plan membership where anyone can sign up to become a member and owner of a Prepaid Legal membership plan.

Do Both Companies Count This As A Win?

That being the case, it's not hard to understand why Pre-Paid Legal has struck an

Pre-Paid Legal to further push sales of the legal membership beyond the 1.5

Show Me The Money!

I guess what all the associates with PrePaid need to be asking is whether or not they will be able to create an income stream from Blastoff without any significant effort or involvement on their part?

This author believes it unlikely and while Pre-paid is likely to experience a surge in new membership sales, new reps with Pre-Paid would likely be better served by aggressively marketing the various Pre-Paid Legal products and expanding their Pre-Paid Legal organization rather than expecting that Blastoff will generate any significant passive or residual income for them! However, only time will tell for sure!

Network Marketing…Already A Form Of Viral Marketing

Will the hyped headlines surrounding the Pre-Paid Legal - Blastoff alliance such as: "Direct Selling Meets Viral Marketing," or "The Blastoff Network is said to be the biggest thing since Twitter, Facebook and Google combined" prove to be just that, hype? Does anyone really think Blastoff will exceed the phenomenal 'viral' growth of Twitter, Facebook AND Google COMBINED? "I'm just sayin'…"

To learn more about viral marketing and MLM, be sure to read “Viral Marketing Puts MLM On Autopilot” by clicking on the link below.

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