Premature Ejaculation Treatments

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Before opting for better premature ejaculation treatments, its far better to understand what does it really mean. Being a physical as well as mental ailment, premature ejaculation can be defined as a disease in which a man comes to climax during sexual intercourse much before he desires to do so and leaving the female partner unsatisfied. In such a practice, the sexual just remain a frustrating act. However, there are no specific time parameters that can determine the exact length of a sexual intercourse, still physicians and the doctors try to define what this condition is and what it is not. Erectile dysfunction from birth, excessive masturbation in the past and even some physical problem may responsible for this. Fortunately, there are several PE treatments available that prove to be valuable for men suffering from this crisis. And, this is also a matter of fact that what will work for one man may vary for the other.
Premature ejaculation treatments have so many categories and varieties. Generally, it is a blend of two or more of the treatment modes that is most useful. One method to cure this problem is medication; the second form of treatment is psychotherapy or counseling and the third method is sex therapy. There are other treatments available that involve the participation of a sympathetic associate. While searching for premature ejaculation treatments, there are from pills and desensitizing sprays to special type of condoms which help last longer in the bed. Some of these treatments may enhance your sexual potential a bit but the real problem for PE remains unaddressed. The studies reveal that the problem is most likely due to excessive masturbation in the past; you have trained your ejaculatory reflex to ejaculate as quickly as possible just to feel momentary satisfaction. Once you discover how to gain control over your ejaculatory reflex, you will have total control over your sexual act as well as the duration of the sex play. And definitely, this will give you as much stamina as you need to make your lady happy.
For some men, erectile dysfunction can lead to early downfall in the bed. The fear of losing one's erection is also one of the reasons to ejaculate early so that a man does not disappoint his partner. This issue can be at least partially resolved, if not fully, with the use of drugs specifically designed for this reason. A few antidepressants have been proven effective for some men as premature ejaculation treatments, since they can increase the length of the sex play and cause delayed climax. They may vary in effectiveness but are less costly than physician-prescribed drugs and may be the first line of treatment for this very reason. Sex therapy or counseling with a licensed therapist can be a helpful part of premature ejaculation treatments. Other therapies such as the squeeze technique vary in effectiveness but work well for some men. This technique requires a bit of practice, but with time, it is possible to learn to delay ejaculation without direct application of the technique.
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