Premature Baby Clothes: How to Get the Right Fit

By: DanPartridge

Premature baby clothes will look adorable on your little preemie. But how do you fit them into their fragile bodies?

If you doubt that you can dress up your little darling in adorable premature baby clothes and conquer the world, you are dead wrong. Youll be amased at the assortment of premature baby clothes such as dresses, suits, tops, bottoms, sleep suits, booties, and caps in candy colours and even in black.

How to Get the Right Fit

The secret is out. Preemies are going glam. This should not bother you if you have your little preemie sleeping in the crib. You can primp your little preemie in the most stylish of premature baby clothes, or to be politically correct, baby haute couture. The tinier-than-pint-sized babygro and gowns come in pastel colours and are adorned with cute trimmings that do not touch the preemies skin.

Little preemies have as much right to fashion as other babies, only that they will need wee sizes, comfortable and convenient clothes. It is now a matter of getting the right fit for your preemie. Here are tips that can help you shop for the right premature baby clothes that will fit:

Get the babys weight and length. Ask your nurse to help you weigh and measure your baby if she or he is still in the ICU. Preemies in the ICU have leads and you will need premature baby clothes that have front snaps. This is easier for the nurse to pass the lead through the babys clothing.
If you can measure or gauge the preemies torso length it would be a breeze to choose the right fit. Preemies do not measure the same, so be accurate in your measurement.
Choose gowns with long sleeves that can cover the preemies hands but make sure it has enough elbowroom so it is not difficult to manoeuvre your babys fragile arms into the sleeves.
Because preemies grow fast in the first few months, choose stretchable clothes or babygro with bottom extenders.

Choosing the Safe Clothes

Preemies have different needs from babies born full term. Because they dont have enough body fat to maintain body heat, they are placed in radiant beds or incubators until they have reached their term. When shopping for premature baby clothes, select clothing for their warmth.

You can choose coloured gowns and babygro as long as these are water-dyed or dyed with non-abrasive or non-irritating dye colours. All clothes should be made from organic cotton to minimise the risk of skin irritation or infection.

When your baby is ready to go home, continue to provide warm clothing and extra comfortable babygro or gowns. Handling preemies has to be done with extra care because they are not yet fully developed. This is why you should choose clothes that are easy to put on and remove.

But do not get stuck with unexciting premature baby clothes. Your preemie can be fashionable so opt for delightful preemie stuff you can find online or at infants shelves. Show off your preemie to give a chance to compete with other prima donnas and cowboys. If only they could speak, they will tell you how much they adore their premature baby clothes.

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