Pregnancy and Epilepsy

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In addition to meeting with the doctor to discuss any change and medicines are the steps to be taken before and during pregnancy in order to ensure that they are in great health.

• eat foods rich in folic acid, such as fruits, vegetables, such as broccoli, nuts (unless allergic), cereals, legumes, yeast extract.
• alcohol cut or keep to an absolute minimum.
• reduce smoking.
• Try to sleep and correct. This is a very effective self-help to reduce the opportunity, but do not let become an obsession!


Many women regard to safety during pregnancy, but usually some common sense precautions can reduce the risks and concerns. Falling injuries rarely fetus, which is fully ensured in the amniotic fluid.

If possible, take a bath or shower when someone is at home. Your midwife may be able to advise on security matters, such as security, pillows, carpets, slippery danger of electric brushes reduces the need for firewalls, security doors and locks bathroom. If you do not want every child in May and becomes mobile!

When does epilepsy in pregnant women
Some women develop epilepsy for the first time during pregnancy. The most likely cause, especially in late pregnancy is a complication of pregnancy, before éclamptiques blood poisoning, which can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure. Traditionally been prescribed bed rest in hospital, with hypertension and, although it is clear that control of hypertension. The only real solution is to provide short-term can be induced or Cesarean section. Magnesium salts can also be used to control seizures.

Some women seem to have classes only during pregnancy, but this is rare, and even if you think that women do not have a part (usually one) and seizures in the past, which then become secondary generalization during pregnancy. However, the attachment should always be investigated because it can be causes.
Seizures during pregnancy

Many women will not notice any change in the mode of attachment during pregnancy, and some people believe that the control is much better. This may be related to hormonal factors, such as women with epilepsy, particularly catamenials (epilepsy during menstruation) often notice an improvement, or it may simply be that women are more cautious in the food and rest.

About 25-30 percent of women increased incidence of seizures, often observed between 8-24 weeks, I think that because of many factors, including changes in the way the body metabolism of drugs during pregnancy, weight gain, sleep deprivation and nausea of pregnancy.

There are ways to gain control, you can:

• take medication regularly. Ideally, we should first design is that the minimum dose relatively safe, but if you are not satisfied, talk to your doctor and do not give them drugs at all.
• Sleep well. Only when I think that nature will not send any more sleep, often his own dream of pregnancy complications, especially towards the end, when his weight increased, it may be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. Overheating and pressure in the bladder, often wakes up in May. Try to catch a nap during the day, make sure you have enough support in the bag, and without excess copper.
• Pregnancy nausea and vomiting during the first 12 weeks, which means that he might lose his system before the drug had time to absorb them. Ask your doctor, you've in May to change the time on his treatment. In the meantime, try the following suggestions:

- One of the causes of nausea is low blood sugar (also involved in the attacks), for treatment to start the day with simple snacks, such as "bizcochadas" and a cup of weak tea 20 minutes before it starts.
- Try a normal diet, including small amounts of carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes and rice, with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
- Aims to eat several small meals a day instead of meals.
- Avoid fried, spicy food and Gordo.
- Some studies have shown that lack of B vitamins can cause nausea, but consult your doctor before self, supplement or eating foods rich in B vitamins, such as meat, whole products, egg yolks, fish, nuts, beans, tofu, cheese, yogurt and yeast.
- Ginger is a traditional medicine - tea with grated ginger root or a half teaspoon of powder, but a teaspoon of honey, candied ginger, or the bite.

• Constipation is often a factor, as some people say that they have more seizures during constipation, pregnancy hormones and slow digestion, more likely, constipation. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and some regular gentle exercise like walking or swimming.

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