Pregnancy- Why it is also hard for the man Pregnancy- Why it is also hard for the man Pregnancy- Why it is also hard for the man

By: andrew du preez

This is a tongue in the cheek look at pregnancy from the other side. You find out from your beloved one day with the momentous news that she is pregnant! You have many ways to react to this news, however thousands of years of invaluable advice passed on from father to son kind of prepares you for this information. You could be someone who was not planning this for years to come or you could be a man that has really wanted to start a family. Whichever way you secretly take this life changing news you HAVE to show your great happiness or you will face the wrath of your partner and my father always said to me “Son an angry women can remain angry for a long time”.
Your better half will go through many stages of mental and physical changes. You are going to have to bear with her and show unwavering support or suffer the consequences later in your matrimonial life. She will initially if it is her first child be apprehensive and express large amounts of trepidation, However as her support system you have to pretend that you have vast amounts of prior pregnancy experience. She is going to be ill and very uncomfortable and PLEASE do not ever utter the words” It is nothing you will get over it” this is not what she wants to hear.
During pregnancy, now is the time to really step up to the plate and show her the man that she has married and who will be the male lion of the family and will be the rock of support. In these days of hardships that are to follow, do not increase the time on the golf course, or the evenings with the boys enjoying your male comrades. We as men like to flee from these types situations where we have very little control over the situation.
Then suddenly mid-way through the pregnancy your beloved returns to you feeling much better and for a while all looks great and she looks very healthy and besides having a fetish for ice-cream on toast in the early hours of the morning, your life returns to a semblance of normality. Then this situation disappears almost as quickly as it arrived and the real work starts as she nears the end of her term. You will find she no longer can sleep properly and this leads to a heightened sense of irritation and as you are nearby you will receive barbed utterances. Please do not take it personally your beloved is still somewhere to be found in the swollen flesh and she will return to you.
Finally the huge day of the birth arrives and without going into all the gruesome details of the actual process, you will be amazed that you be busting with pride once you see the little one and then the process of bonding with your child will begin. Yes and your wife will be back, but different,as you look at her a sense of pride for her will envelope you as you realize that she is now entering a new phase of her life.

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Andrew is a writer living in Africa

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