Pregnancy: Learning the Earliest Possible Signs

By: Elizabeth Joy R. Cooper

Knowing the very first symptoms of pregnancy is helpful if you ever find yourself thinking you might be pregnant. Many women, even those who have been trying to get pregnant, will sometimes not recognize these symptoms, and will discover the good news later than they would have preferred.

If you're exhibiting one or more of these symptoms, and pregnancy is even a remote possibility for you, it might be time to investigate your condition more thoroughly.

Missed Menstrual Period

One of the most important ways a woman can tell whether or not she is pregnant is when she misses her monthly period. When she is pregnant, the uterine lining does not shed from the body, making the period stop until after giving birth. It may not necessarily be a reliable way to tell. Sometimes a woman may continue menstruating for a few months early into her pregnancy.


Pregnant women have an increased chance of becoming tired more easily and quickly due to hormonal changes in their body. It may become clearly evident that you will have to rest more often, and tasks that used to seem simple are now taking a great deal of effort and energy to complete.

Breast Tenderness

Hormonal changes in women may result in many breast discomforts. Some women may experience soreness and swelling of breasts. Others may have noticed that their nipples darken and become more sensitive. Pregnant women often experience these because their bodies are changing as they are getting ready to produce milk.


This type of sickness can occur anytime during the pregnancy. Although it is usually most common in the later part, it can occur in the first week, too. Women are affected in many different ways, and it can happen at one certain time of day, or it can happen constantly. It might be helpful to eat small meals until the nausea passes.

More Frequent Urination

During pregnancy, more fluids are processed by your bladder and kidneys, thereby causing more frequent urination. Another thing that causes the need to urinate more often is the swelling of the uterus, which puts pressure on the bladder. Some women find that their frequent trips to the bathroom stop after about the first month of pregnancy. Other women have this issue throughout the duration of their pregnancy.


It is common to experience a sensation of dizziness or faintness when going up a flight of stairs, quickly rising up from a seated position, or when standing upright for an extended period of time. A major cause of this sensation is a drop in blood pressure from your growing uterus compressing the blood vessels in your legs. Another contributing factor is low blood sugar, which can be prevented by eating several small, healthy snacks throughout your day on a fairly regular schedule.

A lot of these symptoms are commonly known as early signs of pregnancy. It is still important, however, to take a home pregnancy test and to talk to your doctor. It is better to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant.

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