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By: AmyRich

Advertising is a very important part of building any blog, and one of the best ways you can do this is through guest posts. A guest poster is basically a poster on a blog who is not a regular, usually from another blog. The way posting on other blogs can help you is by back-links. For example if you are featured as a guest poster on a blog about finance, you would write a very informative article on finance and included a short message at the bottom telling readers to check out your blog. Of course this post would be reviewed by the owner of the blog before being posted, and he/she would more than likely have requirements about the amount of advertising you can do for your blog in the article. Featuring guest posters on your blog can be helpful especially if you do not have enough time to write all the content for your blog.

When writing as a guest poster there are few things you should keep in mind: Keep your post to the highest possible quality, do not fill your post with ads for your blog, try to get featured on blogs with subjects pertaining to your own, and be careful of scammers.

All writers know that if they want to get a second job from the same person; they must keep the quality of their work to the maximum. Yes, writing quality content takes time, but if you do a good job on the article you are submitting the blog owner is more likely to feature you again on his/her blog. This is especially true if you write an article that gets more comments/attention than the regular articles posted.

One of the worse things you can do is submit an ad filled article to a blog owner. Number one your article will almost instantaneously be sent to the trash bin. Number two the owner of the blog is a lot less likely to take any of your other articles seriously and you have little to no chance of ever getting featured on their blog. So before submitting any article; make sure to ask the owner of the blog about their requirements when it comes to back-links and ads in your post/article.

There are a lot of blogs out there that have lazy owners who would be very glad for you to spend your valuable time and write for them. Wasting your time writing guest posts for them makes little sense if their website is not getting many visitors per month. Make sure to ask to “see the books”; do not believe them just because they tell you that their blog is getting 10,000 page views per week.

When compared with article directory submission guest posts get much more traffic and CTR to
a particular post if you choose the host blog properly.

If you wisely use the information listed above; you can greatly increase the number of visitors your website gets per month. Guest posting is one of the best “free” methods of advertising your website or services. So go ahead and give it a try!

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Guest posts are one of the most legitimate but underused method to get links for a site. Author is a link building expert and recommends this method.

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