Potential Problems You Might Encounter With Your ISP

By: Dave Carter

Internet service providers have become significant partners both to business infrastructures and to common residencies. Whether you're using Internet at home or for your business, there are potential problems with your ISP you have to watch out for. Some of these problems may seem insignificant if you're just using the Web for regular surfing, but if you're running a business and need to satisfy customers, these issues can cause a lot of headache.

Frequent Downtime

Perhaps the most common and most important problem consumers face in terms of their Internet service providers is the frequent downtimes. It doesn't really matter what you are using the Internet for; the circuits just have to work and be up all the time. If not, you will be faced with backlogs at the office, and irate and dissatisfied customers.

Inaccurate Download and Upload Speed

This is very common, particularly with new providers. They will entice customers with handsome deals and even offer free trial periods. They usually deliver what they promise during the trial period, but once you sign the contract, expect their service to be nonexistent. During the trial, the Internet speed reaches what was promised on their advertisement. However, you will begin to wonder why after three to four months of using the service, the download and upload speeds are inaccurate, and sometimes doesn't even reach half the speed you were promised.

Tech Support Unavailability

This is just as frustrating as getting no Internet connection at all. The thing is that things will definitely go wrong regardless of who your Internet service provider is, but the question is how accessible your provider's tech support is. Ideally, an ISP should be able to offer 24/7 tech support. This is not an issue if you're using the Internet for only a few hours a day or if your business closes at five in the afternoon. However, if your business runs 24/7, excellent tech support is crucial.

Sluggish Field Service

Sluggish field service is another issue many consumers deal with on a regular basis. Again, things will definitely go wrong. The problem will either be with the equipment installed or with the network itself, but the point is, field service should respond quickly. The problem is many providers have very slow field service response. For many customers, the most annoying thing that can happen is to get response weeks or even months later.

Poor Equipment Quality

The problem with many Internet service providers is that they don't give customers a choice when it comes to equipment. IT professionals understand that some modems are better than others in terms of quality. Many ISPs also understands this, but in most cases, they don't really care since they think their customers also do not care. The result is equipment failure in less than a few months of usage.

What You Can Do as a Consumer

As a consumer, your responsibility is to compare Internet service providers to find out which provider offers the best service. Ideally, you would want an ISP that can provide consistent uptime, accurate downstream and upstream, high-quality equipment, and excellent customer service and tech support.

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Dave Carter is an independent consultant for small businesses. His expertise in consumer electronics is backed up by 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He recommends you click here if you want to compare the best broadband plans.

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