Poster Board Size Available for Various Purposes

By: Sunil Punjabi

One of the things that greatly adds to the versatility and use of the poster boards is the poster board size. You need to pick a size that exactly suits your requirements and there is plenty to choose from as well. There are small poster boards which are about 8.5 inches X 11 inches in dimensions. These boards are just as useful for notices and announcements as they are for art and craft projects. Then there are the 11 inch X 14 inch poster boards and 14 inch X 22 inch poster boards that are used for medium sized announcements that need to have slightly bigger lettering. In some cases, the poster boards are used not just for announcements or promotional displays but also for highlighting letters, artifacts or even photos.

You can also go for poster board size slightly bigger such as 20 inch X 30 inch or 22 inch X 28 inch. These are boards which can be used from the bigger displays that would be hung from a height slightly over the normal. These days even 36 inch X 48 inch tri-fold corrugated boards are used for displays. These smooth poster boards can stand firm on their own but can also be folded multiple times. These are perfect for in store promotions as well as for science fair projects at schools. Glue, markers and paints can all be used well on the surface offered by these boards. So, whether you need smaller boards or larger displays you have the right dimensions at your disposal.

It is not just the poster board size which provides versatility as far as usage and requirements are concerned. Some boards actually come with adhesive sides. In other words, you can join multiple boards end to end to make them larger. Similarly, there are multi-utility poster boards, which can be folded almost 3 times depending upon the actual dimensions that you are going to use. There are also poster boards which are painted or coated on both sides. In other words, once you are done using one side, you can just flip the board over and reuse it all over again. This gives you a chance to also display multiple messages on either side if required. The fade resistant boards can also be painted with multiple colors on either ends to provide an attention grabbing look to them.

A good thing about the poster board size available is that they can be just as useful for any kind of purpose whether it is an art and craft project, a science fair or a professional or promotional announcement. The length which varies from as small as 8 inches to bigger than 30 inches can be adjusted based on the size of the letters and the length of the message. Grid boards mostly 22 X 28 inches are the most often used ones, for displays. They are also easy to hang and sturdy enough not to be knocked over easily, due to contact with someone or by a gust of wind.

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