Post-Market Crash: A Thriving World

By: Johnny Whitfield

Data is malleable, and I think we will have a 500+% return on stocks… after the crash in 2014.

Let’s say the market crashes in 2014 to a DJIA of 8000. I could easily see it hitting 40,000… in about 2035. Only 20 years after the crash, as opposed to the roughly 30 yr rebuilds shown in that chart.

The crash will do us, the US and subsequently the world, a lot of good; after about 3 years of hardship.

The US will be forced to end the Fed, returning to basing the value of the dollar on precious metals. This will help prevent inflation in the future.

The US will eliminate the IRS and the tax code, replacing it with a flat tax that rids the country of lobbyists and forces all corporations to pay the same flat rate (which will be lowered to 30% to be more globally competitive).

The rate on individuals will be 20%, at most. It will be flat and levied only on income above $25,000, meaning those that make less don’t pay a dime in taxes.

The US will get to keep tons of hours and dollars instead of wasting them on filing taxes every year. They will spend much of this time and money consuming more entertainment, which will further enhance the entertainment industry.

Unemployment will top at 30%, which will push people to demand the full legalization of hemp and marijuana, which will cut unemployment in half one year after full legalization.

Robots and tech will replace a lot of menial jobs, but they will be replaced with (fewer) more technical jobs.

The people will be taken care of, despite the end of the federal welfare system, by non-profits and corporations uniting together to end homelessness and hunger.

The market for oil and gasoline will dwindle as airships replace 18-wheelers and cargo vessels for mass goods transport while the hydrogen fuel cell and electric cars replace combustion engine and hybrid vehicles for individuals/families.

A high-speed rail system will be finished by 2020 with the funds that were going to fund welfare. The billions being spent on waging war at home and abroad begins paying off our debt instead as all troops are brought home and we end the wars on our own people.

Wireless carriers and internet service providers oligopolies are obliterated by rising tech companies, most notably Google. Providing internet access and phones for everyone made Google the most successful at giving things away at the same time as being the most profitable company in the world.

I talk about the near future in more detail in my ebook, “A More Perfect Nation.” Buy it on Amazon today and see the future!

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