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By: Nick Anderson

As with all muscle groups, the abs can "get used to" the stress placed on them by a set exercise routine. After a few months you may wish to incorporate some of the following exercises into you ab routine.

Extra Exercises: Cable Crunches
Yes, another "crunch" movement! The reason there are so many crunch exercises in ab work, is simply because they work. Like the ab crunch, the cable crunch is a strict contraction movement of the abdominal muscles.

The additional ability to adjust resistance with the weight stack makes this a unique and very effective movement.

At advanced ab training levels, bodyweight alone may not provide you with enough resistance to build up your abdominal muscles.

With the cable crunch, you can load on as much weight as necessary to make your abs burn!

Start position: Use a high pully or a triceps/cable crossover using a rope or a machine small v-grip handle.

From the kneeling position, keep your thighs at a 90 angle to the floor and your torso parallel to the floor.

Grip one end of the handle in each hand, positioning it near to your forehead and pull the rope straight down.

Use a weight that allows a full contraction for 12-15 reps. Contract your abs keeping your pelvis and lower back stationary, curling your head toward the floor, in towards your knees.
Squeeze at the peak contraction point then slowly unfurl your body allowing the weight, with control to take you back to the starting position.

At the top, allow the weight to pull you slightly beyond horizontal, slightly arch the back and "stretch" your abs. Now go back and do it again.

1. Using too much weight will bring the "psoas muscles" into play. These connect the spine to the long bone of the thigh. This places undue stress on the spine, and can be seen by the sharp arch in the back.

This is no good for your abs and is bad for your back. Stick to a weight that only allows 12-15 reps.

2. Remember not to pivot at the hips, keep your lower hips and back stationary. Use your abs.

Lie on your back with your Legs and feet together. Now raise your legs up to a 90 angle from your upper torso. Raise your arms straight above you. Reach out with your left arm and shoulder off the floor and touch the outside of your right foot. Return to the start position and repeat with the other side.

This movement is so called because it is similar to riding a bike. Keeping your feet and Legs together, while Lying on your back, bend your knees and bring your thighs up, until they are 90 to the floor. Keeping a continual motion, move your left knee to your right elbow and vice versa. Continue at a steady pace, holding for a count of 2 at the moment of peak abs contraction.

While lying on your side, place one arm behind your head, and the other arm out to your side, propping you up. Raise both Legs up, along with your torso. Try to bring your knees and chest together. Slowly lower your Legs and torso to your start position and repeat. After completing your set, change sides and repeat.

Developing your abdominal muscles and getting rid of fat are two distinctly different objectives. Basically, to remove unwanted fat one must perform aerobic exercise and adjust one's diet so more calories are burned up than consumed. The exercises that you do requires the muscles to work. The body obtains that energy from the food that you eat and your fat stores. Therefore decreasing food intake whilst increasing energy output leads to fat loss.

Q - I already do some of these exercises what's so different about Absolute Definition?
A - "Doing some" and doing a scientifically designed program is not the same thing.
Absolute Definition is a series of exercises which, when performed in the manner explained, give results that doing the odd abs exercise could never attain.

Q - I don't have anywhere to do the hanging exercises, what should I do?
A - Use a doorway chinning bar, available at most good sports stores.

Q - How do I know when I'm ready to go up a Level?
A - Stay at each level as long as possible. You can only benefit from this, as you will have a foundation on which to build future training success. As long as one level is giving you visible results. Stick with it.

Q - Can I get rid of the love handles on the side of my waist by using Absolute Definition?
A - Absolute Definition tones the mid section and the abdominal muscles. Losing the love handles involves Losing body fat. See the Aerobics section.

Q - How come you don't have seated twists and side bends in your program?
A - These exercises (where people put a bar on their shoulders and twist, or "dip" from side to side holding weights) are absolutely not recommended. They will cause your obliques to grow, causing your waist to grow wider and they do this very effectively and quickly.

The net result is that your chest will not look as wide because you will also have a "wide" waist. Absolute Definition is ideally presented in the context of bodybuilding. Bodybuilders strive for the classic V, inverted triangle upper body shape. Wide shoulders/chest, tapering down to a narrow waist.
Performing these overt oblique exercises could seriously inhibit your potential to achieve this V shape. So don't do them.

Now that you are familiar with the exercises, we will go into the routines. They range from beginner to advanced. If you are a total newcomer to exercise, start at Level 1, otherwise Level 2 or 3. Each Level becomes progressively "harder". Never move up a Level unless you feel that you are no longer benefitting or feeling "tested" by your present Level.

Remember, as stated at the beginning of this programme, if you have large fat deposits, you must incorporate an adjusted diet (lower calories) and aerobic exercise (performed constantly for at Least 20 minutes) alongside your Ab-solute Definition exercises.

Remember to perform all exercises with correct form at the proper pace, the Ab-solute Definition programme contains combinations exercise which when of followed through exactly as described will give fast explosive results. Best of Luck!

Horizontal Leg Raises -- 15 reps
Semi Sit-Ups (Accelerated) -- NO REST -- 25 reps
Horizontal Leg Raises -- 10 SECOND REST -- 12 reps
Semi Sit-Ups (Accelerated) -- NO REST -- 20 reps

Horizontal Leg Raises -- 25 reps
Horizontal Leg Raises -- 15 SECOND REST -- 20 reps
Straight Abdominal Crunches -- NO REST -- 25 reps
Semi Sit-Ups (Accelerated) -- NO REST -- 10 reps

Hanging Knee-Ups -- 10 reps
Hanging Knee-Ups -- 15 SECOND REST -- 6-8 reps
Straight Abdominal Crunches -- NO REST -- 25 reps
Straight Abdominal Crunches -- 15 SECOND REST -- 20 reps

Horizontal Leg Raises -- 15 reps
Hanging Knee-Ups -- NO REST -- 15 reps
Hanging Knee-Ups -- 15 SECOND REST -- 10 reps
Straight Abdominal Crunches -- NO REST -- 20 reps
Semi Sit-Ups (Accelerated) -- NO REST -- 20 reps

Hanging Knee-Ups -- 20 reps
Hanging Knee-Ups -- 15 SECOND REST -- 15 reps
Horizontal Leg Raises -- NO REST -- 20 reps
Horizontal Leg Raises -- 10 SECOND REST -- 15 reps
Straight Abdominal Crunches -- NO REST -- 35 reps
Semi Sit-Ups (Accelerated) -- NO REST -- 15 reps

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