Porcelain Figurines Add A Fascinating Dimension to Limoges Boxes

By: Mira Lash

A Limoges Box Is A Box cum Porcelain Figurine

Limoges boxes are small porcelain containers to store things like jewelry and trinkets.

Limoges boxes are also porcelain figurines shaped into the form of some animal, bird or object. Alternatively, the figurine might be mounted on a conventionally shaped box. The boxes are hand painted, and signed by the artist or factory, and are adorned with a decorative clasp.

Porcelain Figurines Are Beautiful

Porcelain figurines are objects that have a strong impact on their owners’ minds.

The sculpted figure of some fairytale character, an object in the zodiac or a musical instrument like guitar could stir memories of things that had fascinated you. The perfection of the material – pure, stainless, and brilliantly finished with a promise of permanence - creates a sense of satisfaction. And the delicately enameled or painted patterns on the porcelain add a touch of class to the object.

The overall impact created is a sense of something beautiful.

How Are These Porcelain Figurines Made?

The typical raw material for porcelain is a mixture of fine white china clay, feldspars and quartz. Other kinds of ingredients, like bone ash, might be used for different effects.

The above mixture is plastic enough to be shaped into desired forms. The forms might then be decorated using pigments containing cobalt and copper, and then glazed. Another option is to glaze the shaped object first and then do the decorative painting using enamel paints. The glazed form undergoes a process of finishing and then comes the final process, the firing in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1000 to 1300 degrees Celsius.

The porcelain figurine is now a permanently shaped, vitrified and non-porous, non-corrosive object, impermeable to liquids.

Making Porcelain Figurines Require Considerable Expertise

Though the raw material for porcelain is plastic to some extent, it is not as plastic as, say, the potter’s clay. Hence, forming it into desired shapes require an experienced, expert touch. Pottery skill alone would not be enough for creating porcelain figurines.

The Limoges factories, established in the nineteenth century at Limoges in France, have developed this expertise. After each figurine is formed, expert artists paint each box by hand, as certified on each Limoges box that bears the words Peit Mein (French for hand painted).

The Limoges Porcelain Figurine Box You Get Is A Prestigious Product

The porcelain industry developed at Limoges in the 19th century when excellent quality kaolin (the ‘china’ clay) was found nearby. The industry prospered and Limoges porcelain achieved worldwide fame. The Limoges porcelain figurine boxes you get are thus backed by two centuries of tradition and a quality recognized world over.

These porcelain figurines are ideal gifts for all occasions. You could select from among innumerable subjects and themes. There are porcelain figurines in the shapes of teddy bears for kids, nativity scenes for Christmas, cute koalas for animal lovers, pencil holders for your office desk and so on. Each is a beautiful, fascinating object that you or the gift recipient would treasure forever.

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