Poor Economy Opens Door For Unique Online Business!

By: Tim McCoy

Everyone Is Fighting For Business, In This Horrible Economy!
With the global economy in such a upheaval it is no surprise that businesses are turning their efforts to the internet to grab more market share. Most, even local "brick and mortar" businesses have some sort of web exposure. The problem is that most of these business don't get profit from the web. In other words, the internet website, which is supposed to be increasing sales, is not doing its job.
Why Are These Websites Failing?
That answer is really simple. For the past 10 - 15 years, everyone has realized that the internet was becoming a huge marketplace. Along with this they realized the need for a presence on the internet. Then they either hired a web-designer or purchased the software to build a site extolling all the benefits that their product(s) or service(s) had to offer. Then the theory was that some cyber-magic would just take over and "abracadabra," customers would be beating down the doors.
So What About the "Abracadabra" part?
Most businesses that did this were already enjoying a fairly healthy business environment. Times were generally good, so the addition of the website was not considered to improve their business immensely. The fact is they were looking for more exposure and a solid reputation, not necessarily more customers. The thinking was the customer thought; "If the company has a website, they must be reliable!
The bottom line is "There was NO abracadabra!" While everyone had hoped the website would add to the companies customer count, most were satisfied the reputation enhancement.
Now days every small business has a website listed on the side of their truck, their stationary and their advertising. We've all seen the truck of the Heating And Air Conditioning contractor's or the company who put the new kitchen in down the street, but the chances are they didn't get many of their sales from the website.
In This Economy We Need "Abracadabra!"
We now have two features coming together to make the web more important than ever. First: More and more people are searching on the web for goods and services. Second: More and more people are shopping for those goods and services. They want the biggest bang for their buck. If you need a new air conditioner, chances are you didn't write down the web address that was on the truck down the street, however you would undoubtedly search the net for "Air Conditioning" in your area. A list of sites would probably pop-up, yet most are going to be pretty generic in nature. Many areas all you get is a glorified "Yellow Page" type of directory giving a phone number, a website and directions to the store. That would be just a presence on the net. What it doesn't do is create a customer.
How Can Businesses Create Customers?
If its 95 degrees outside and your Air Conditioning System has failed, you want action. The customer wants to know who can come out and install the same day, or who has a 24 hour service department, or who has the most experience with a certain brand etc. The point is The website can do two things in this economy;

  1. Snag those searchers (customers) and show them your website first. It is import to be at the top of the list of whatever search engine the customer is using.

  2. Turn the page that the customer lands on into a presales page for whatever the searcher is wanting.

Is There A Business Opportunity Out There For This Service?
The actual construction of a website is basically just getting the physical site published. Optimizing it for a particular business is a completely different talent. Let's take the case of the Air Conditioning Company we used before. Suppose we are able to track the business that they get from the website. If each installation is worth $3500 in profit , and you could show that the website you tweaked was responsible for 20 additional sales a year, chances are the owner would be begging you to tweak away and willing to pay $20,000 - $25,000 a year for you to keep doing it year after year.
The fact is this kind of business take only a few hours a month to maintain. 4 or 5 of these business clients would net out well over $100,00 a year for just a few hours of work each month.
A Business In A Box!
It's not very often you can start a business and have it be a success right away. When you find those opportunities there is usually a hefty franchise fee, royalty fee, or both. A franchise is successful because there are certain systems in place that guarantee success. This business is no different. There has to systems in place to track sales, contracts to spell out responsibilities etc. Check out this easy to follow Blueprint!

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