Points to Remember When Buying a Chicken House

By: Malcolm Nguyen

If you want to keep chickens to be able to enjoy a supply of fresh eggs you need to make sure that you are providing your birds with the right housing. Chickens should always be kept in a chicken house or chicken coop (as they are also known) and you need to get size and type of the housing right before you introduced chickens to your garden or yard. To make sure that you get the most appropriate chicken house possible here are some points to remember when you are buying one.

The house that you choose needs to be able to house the number of chickens that you have comfortably. You do not need to give your chickens too much space as they like to roost close to one another at night. If you have a rooster you will need to give them as much space as you would give to two chickens. When you are buying a chicken house most will advise you on the number of birds that they can comfortably accommodate.

It must have the right protection for all weathers. Your backyard chicken coop will be outside all year round so it must provide a dry and warm environment for your chickens and as such it must have all weather protection. The sides of the house must be straight and all joints must fit together well in order to be draught free and comfortable.

It must be safe and secure for your chickens. You will know that there are many animals, such as foxes, that will want to get to your chickens so you must choose a safe chicken house for them. Look for houses that have lockable doors and a your mesh wire fence around the outdoor areas as this will give them the protection that they need.

It must have the right covering on the roof. Go for a chicken coop that has an asphalt roof as this will be waterproof and not be a breeding ground for mites and bugs that can make your birds ill. These roofs will last for years and are tough enough to withstand chickens standing on it without puncturing the surface and making it leak.

You need to provide an outdoor area for your birds to be able to thrive and be healthy. If you have a timber chicken house you can easily find will one that has an enclosed area for your chickens to get outside in and play. Or you can find an enclosure that can be detached so you can change the area that your birds can move around on and feed with ease.

The chicken house must be easy for you to put up, particularly if you are a beginner. Most of these houses will be supplied flat packed and will need you to build them in your garden. So go for one that will be fine for you to build so that your entry into keeping chickens is as smooth as possible.

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