Pointers for Starting up a Brewe

By: Elijah Buchanan

There are several breweries in Margaret River but there is still room for more. Someone looking to start their own brewery would have to know a few basics. Starting a brewery in Margaret River means knowing the guidelines you must follow. Here are a few things that would help you along;

Working Space

The space is very important. Finding the right building to set up your brewery should be a priority. Starting a brewery should be looked at as any other investment. That means finding the right place to work from. There are certain specifications that go with any brewery. It is vital to know what those are. For instance the space must have air ventilation. There are also some safety measures that must be looked at.

The type of building you get will be determined by a few other factors. If you are looking to sell your beer yourself, then you would need a place to do that. The amount of overhead capital you have will also determine the kind of space you get. If you can't afford a big space, then you can consider sharing costs with another business; or better yet you cold get investors.


There is specific equipment that is used when brewing beer. You must make sure that your brewery will have good equipment. If you can not afford the purchase of your own equipment, you can consider renting. Even if it's for a short time, make sure you get the very best equipment. It must also be efficient and safe to use.


Your brewery must have a name to go with it. This is a business and you must make sure it sounds like one. You want something that stands out. This is the name that will become symbolic with your brewery; it will be part of your image. You may choose to go with the name of the location. This works most of the time. You must however look at all your options. Find out if the name you have chosen can be trade marked. When doing the branding for your brewery in Margaret River, make sure that you are within the laws.


This is very important when looking it start up a brewery. You must find out what kinds of requirements are needed for running a brewery. You should know what it will take you to get a liquor license in Margaret River. As a matter of fact, this is something you should look at before you even start looking for the space. In some instances, the licensing may take quite a while. It would help if you knew when and if you would get your license. That is why it's advisable to start early.

These are just some few pointers that would help anyone looking to start a brewery. All contracts and agreements must be legal and binding. It is imperative to get legal counsel when making agreements. If you are getting investors, then terms should be established before getting into business. Starting a brewery in Margaret River may look like a walk in the park for some people but it may get complicated. It helps to know what protocols to follow and who to talk to.

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There are a number of guidelines you might need to follow when starting a brewery in Margaret River and there is no escape to it. Click here to know more.

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