Playing Drinking Games With Rose Colored Glasses

By: Vikram Kuamr

Parties are always fun when there is drinking and people enjoy their time together by playing drinking games or listening to music and dancing. Some people in the crowd may prefer to play card drinking games. Thanks to Cyberspace, many sites offer various types of drinking games that you can learn and teach your friends. We are aware that drinking alcohol helps people lose their inhibitions as endorphins are released in the brain. People begin to “feel good” and tend to relax and take part in group activities especially when there is a lot of cheering and laughter in the room.

Beer pong is quite a popular game where two teams are formed and glasses of beer are set on either side of the table. These glasses are filled with some beer. Every time a team player throws a ping pong ball into the opponents beer glass the latter has to drink up the beer. The team that is left with no cups loses. Similarly, other games such as Power Hour or Quarters etc. are available online at some of the websites such as Carouse where you can get details of how to play the game. As the drinking progresses, people begin to get bolder and may play games such as Flip, Sip or Strip which proves to be a lot of fun. The idea is to get the people happy on liquor or other types of drinks so that they enjoy their evening.

Card drinking games are also explained at the venue as players form teams and decide to join in the entertainment. California kings can be played by two or more people. The cards are placed face down and the players toss to start. The game can be played clockwise or counter-clockwise and this is determined at the beginning of the game. Each card has a particular interpretation which you should know. For instance if you get the Ace, you have to make a toast and get everyone to drink to it. If you get the Jack, the guys drink and if you get the Queen the ladies drink. Learn the game before you start playing to be able to join in the merriment and get the game going.

Check websites to learn how to serve cocktails and exciting mixes to ensure that everyone has a jolly time. Apart from the Mai Tai, Tom Collins and Long Island Iced Tea, you can also learn to serve up an Apple Martini or an Alabama Slammer. You may or may not hire a bartender if one of your friends can entertain your guests by serving exotic cocktails. Many quotes on drinking alcohol can also be found on sites such as Carouse. For instance, “When the wine is in, the wit is out” and “Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life” are interesting quotes that you can use when you are in company and wish to sound witty and humorous. Enjoy your party but make sure not to overstep the decent limit.

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Carouse is an interesting website that teaches people the art of having fun when enjoying a drink. Read all about the Drinking games and Card drinking games when you log on to this website.

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