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Games and sports are part and parcel of our life. A life without games and sports cannot be healthy and happy. But they have been changing with the passage of time and technological development. Casual video game is one of the various products we have as a result of technological development. Casual video games are developed primarily for the general public and families and are absolutely easy to learn and play. They are meant to relieve players from boredom. They never take much time. People of every age gender and nationalities play and enjoy casual video games. These games are played on internet and for five to twenty minutes though sometimes people play for hours even.

People have different opinion regarding the utility of casual video games. According to a study casual video games reduce depression and anxiety in patients with depression. Dr. Carmen Russoniello, the director and the professor of the lab where research was conducted said in a statement, "In my opinion the findings support the possibility of using prescribed casual video games for treating depression and anxiety as an adjunct to, or perhaps even a replacement for, standard therapies including medication". But at the same time people are there who decry casual video games and are of the opinion that they are nothing but simply a waste of time and as far as fun is concerned it is a subjective matter and cannot be measured and on the top of it such video games make people addicted to them.

Some of the important video games are: Angry Birds, Azada, Bad Piggies, Bejeweled, Bloons Tower Defense, Bookworm, Bookworm Adventures, Brain Age, Carrie the Caregiver, Chuzzle, Cooking Mama, Cut The Rope, Dark Tales, Dark Parables, Delicious, Diner Dash, Disney Universe, etc. While casual video games are for every age group 3D action games are all time favourite of young players because adventure, thrill, suspense, risk and difficulty are what they look for in a game.

Before 3D movement it was 3D environment. They had side-scrolling and rail-style titles. But with the advent of real 3D control games like 3D Games Unity 3D Games 3D Racing Games 3D Car Games 3D Adventure Games 3D Horror Games 3D Action Games 3D Sport Games came into use. These games are being enjoyed by the game lovers. 3D action games are there to boost its lover's certain skills which may be called life skills also. Action games take the player to real life like situation where they have to come out of crisis, give a tough time to a villain, chase a villain, manage to escape a life threatening situation, etc.

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