Plastic Surgery from Ancient History to Modern Advances

By: mikesmith.

If you think that plastic surgery is a modern invention, you’re mistaken. While Beverly Hills plastic surgery procedures are incredibly popular and sought-after nowadays, the trade goes way back in history, it was believed that reconstructive surgery was started in India by 800 BC. Around 1st century BC, ancient physicians from Egypt and Rome carried out repairs for damaged ears, and written records reveal that facial injury treatments already existed more than 4,000 years ago. While a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has access to advanced equipments today, ancient surgeons were using simple techniques to improve and restore form and function.

It was not until the 19th and 20th centuries though that the trade really took off, and it was during WWI when demands were too high because of devastating injuries and damages that plastic surgery was catapulted to a new level of medical standing. Since then, plastic surgery experienced aggressive growth and advances that gave birth to aesthetic procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and even mommy makeovers, and all these are offered at Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinics.

Considered as America’s first plastic surgeon, Dr. John Peter Mettauer during the 1800s performed the first cleft palate operation using instruments he created, and some of them serve as the basis for modern surgical instruments still widely used by surgeons today.

With advances in technology, plastic surgery has really gone a long way. Gone were the days when instruments were limited and surgeries were mainly focused on reconstruction purposes. Today, plastic surgery has many forms, including reconstructive, cosmetic and sub-specialties with focuses on specific types of intensive procedures.

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon can either perform both types of surgeries. Whether it’s for restoration or aesthetic value, several procedures are offered to clients across the city from simple injections for lip and mouth rejuvenation to liposuction and breast implant operations.

There’s really no stopping plastic surgery from continuously advancing. Nowadays, more innovations are tested and discovered to further improve the craft, but the medical specialty still remains true to its original purpose. Despite popular misconception, plastic is actually derived from a Greek term, plastikos, meaning to mold or form. Today, modern Beverly Hills plastic surgery procedures are remain focused on molding the body to embody better forms, enhancing body parts for both restoration and aesthetic purposes. The specialty is not just transforming physical appearance, but ultimately, lives are changed together with the help of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and specialists.

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