Plastic Kennel Manufacturer: Choose the Right Carrier Size for Your beloved Pet

By: George Velvet

Pet dogs are among the best tamed friends. Members from the canine family feel secure in dog kennels made from plastic. A good plastic kennel manufacturer will always single out both the advantages and disadvantages of plastic kennels compared to steel wire kennels. While the larger breeds might find the wired cages more comfortable, to the smaller ones, a reputed boarding kennel manufacturer that manufactures plastic kennels could do more justice.

The plastic canine kennels were originally developed to carry dogs in airlines. The primary reason for that is that these kennels are leak proof and are not a heavy as their steel counterparts. Though it is true that the air travel norms are among the primary reasons for people to use this type of a kennel, it cannot be deemed to be the sole reason for the same. It was found that there are several pets that prefer the privacy of a more secluded place like a plastic kennel.

The plastic kennel also allows more rest to the dogs inside them. This is contrary to the more open air feel that in wire kennels that that might make the pets more uncomfortable. There are two major things that can be looked into within this. Firstly, it is for both the user and the plastic kennel manufacturer to check if the plastic kennels are airlines approved. It is never a good idea to buy a kennel that does not comply with airlines norms and land in a soup at the eleventh hour. At the same time, it is also the advisable to check if the size of the kennel is large enough to hold and carry the dig breed.

Size of the kennel is one among the most important considerations that has to be made in order to make the most out of the purchase. Imperatively, a particular size of the kennel cannot be expected to fit just any and every breed. It is always wise to buy a size that easily accommodate the pet and felicitates all common actions. The plastic kennel manufacturer shall be asked for a kennel that felicitates all major movements of the pets. It should not be difficult for the dog to stand up or turn around in the cage.

Most manufacturers have this in mind when they design plastic kennels. This has brought up plastic kennels that are up to 34 inches tall. Simultaneously, there are also kennels that are meant to house smaller breeds in them. For these breeds, carriers that are meant to carry or lift cats can be use. They can also be housed in the kennels that are meant to be carried under the seats. However, it is always advisable to house the pets in a carrier that is a little bigger than what is needed.

It would never be wise to use a carrier kennel that is too small on a journey that is too long. Pets never like to stay confined to a small space for long. Any good plastic kennel manufacturer would also suggest the same as cramped spaces can cause stress in pets. Besides, some breeds show deterioration in health when exposed to stress.

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