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By: Mazhar Shah

Human mind is the most complex machine ever made. It is so creative that sometimes human being himself get confused that from where such huge idea or discovery comes in his mind. The basic purpose of this article is to discuss one of the creative approaches used by man that has given new life to business and also to the advertisement industry and that creation is none other than plastic business cards. The concept of business cards is very old but the human mind has added a new life to it. Plastic business cards have proved that continuous innovation and changes increase the life of a product to a great extent.
It is commonly said that first impression is the last impression. Same is the case in the business. If the business is unable to give positive image or impression to the people in the start, than it can not get appreciation or liking from the people through out its life period. This is the reason why companies use large amount of its money to make various advertisement campaigns in the start of the business. Apart from all other modes of advertisement, the use of plastic business cards is also very common now days. Plastic business cards are ideal way of creating the positive image of the product in the mind of the people. In the first year of the business, plastic business cards support the business by increasing the public relations as well as creating positive image.
Competitors are the most important factor which should be taken care of, while making all the decisions of the organization. The weakness of the competitor becomes the strength of your organization. Besides various other techniques such as low prices, giving discount, increased quality etc, another technique used to get competitive advantage is the use of plastic business cards. If you are using more advanced form of plastic business cards having good quality picture, beautiful design, attractive logo and nice color as compared to your competitors than you will definitely win the public confidence and your success will be sure. It means that instead of taking plastic business cards just as a source of general information to the public, the companies can also use it as its weapons against competitors. Although it seems odd that plastic business cards can act as a weapon, but it is true. For example if one boutique is using a sophisticated plastic business card of good quality and its competitor is not using sensible design or color in its business card than it would definitely be an advantage for the first boutique.
If we discuss the importance of plastic business cards from economic point of view, than we come to know that due to financial crisis of 2007, the economy of the whole world is in depression stage and there is very less economic activity in the national as well as international market. Most of the companies have filed their cases for bankruptcy and remaining are at the ending stage of their business. Their is very less capital in the organizations. After the world crisis of 2007 all the policy makers of the world have collaborated with each other to make such policies which can help us in future to overcome any unwanted situation. It is the need of the day to choose such a strategy which should be flexible and which can manage to work properly in the changing business conditions because now days every new event affect the trends and growth level of the economy. The concept of plastic business cards have also came in to existence after all those events. In such a depressed state, plastic business cards are the best mode of advertisement. Its prices are very reasonable and in this state of economic growth they can be used by all the companies irrespective of the fact that they have fewer budgets. Moreover their good point is the time required for their preparation. Plastic business cards take less printing time so there are no issues of large campaign of long term advertisements because now by using plastic business cards we can get the response or results with in short period of time.
Plastic business cards help you to become contactable business man because the information written on plastic business card never fades. So if you have given any plastic business card to a person than after many years, still he will have the contact information or other basic information about your organization because unlike business cards made of paper, these cards have long life.
Now if we discuss the plastic business cards from purely business point of view than we will come to know about various facts. Every business has its proper infrastructure and hierarchy. All the businesses make business plan before starting a business. A business plan cover all the details about the business such as financial issues, legal issues, international market and environment, local market and environment, marketing mix, budget, strength and weakness as well as opportunities and threats of the organization. I am mentioning all these things due to a fact that plastic business cards gives basic information about all these things used in the business. So we may say that just like business plans are important part of the business without which the business is of no worth, in the same way plastic business cards also plays important role in the business. Business plan mentions the way through which the business will run in the future and the plastic business cards implement these ways by giving basic information about the organization.

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