Piglet's Big Movie: A Tale You'll Never Forget

By: Fabian Toulouse

Piglet is a character belonging to the "Winnie the Pooh" series of books by A. A. Milne. Piglet is a pig and the best friend of the main character, Winnie the Pooh. Despite the fact that he is wee in stature, and displays a relatively nervous disposition, he often finds himself conquering his biggest fears. His biggest achievement is often being brave, even in the face of his greatest fears. Piglet is based on one of the stuffed animals that Christopher Robin Milne had as a child. He has been voiced with a squeaky little voice that is pale pink with a green jumper in the Winnie the Pooh book illustrations, and is second shortest next to Roo who is only slightly smaller.
As noted earlier, Piglet began life in A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh" books, which were illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard. He is introduced in Chapter III, though he does appear in some illustrations in Chapter II. He goes on to visit Chapters V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, and in all ten chapters of "The House at Pooh Corner" as well. Piglet's best loved food is acorns, or haycorns, if you trust Milne's clever spellings in the books. He goes on to plant an acorn outside his beech tree home hoping that someday he will have a handy supply of his own.
Piglet lives in a very impressive house carved into an ancient beech tree in the Hundred Acre Wood. The sign outside his home declares "Tresspassers Will", which is said to be short for "Tresspassers William," his grandfather's name. Piglet is known for doing noble things, and showing shining examples of bravery even though he tends to be quite timid. He is especially close to Christopher Robin, though he is best friends with Winnie the Pooh. His other friends include Owl, Rabbit, Kanga, Eeyore, Tigger and Roo. Tigger, however, tends to make Piglet very nervous, making him eager to avoid the bouncing tiger's antics.
Piglet has developed throughout his history in both the original books and in the Disney films and television shows. Now he is drawn as a bright pink piglet with a magenta colored jumper and a scarf. He may appear less frequently than the rest of the Winnie the Pooh gang, but he is still an important part of the group. More importantly, he is a favorite of many children who appreciate both his fearful nature and bold moments of bravery.
"Piglet's Big Movie" is Piglet's first foray into a big screen movie. "Piglet's Big Movie" is a beautiful story about fun, friendship and appreciation. It is a story about Pooh and his friends learning that you do not have to be big in order to achieve big things. In the story, Piglet disappears into the Hundred Acre Wood after being told that he is simply too small to participate in the honey gathering scheme that the gang has planned. "Piglet's Big Movie" is an winning story promoting fun for all ages, filled with laughter, heart, adventure and five unique songs.

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