Picking Up on the Finger Food Trends

By: Stephen John

There was a time when eating with your hands was considered impolite that is until, the French and the Prohibition made them perfectly acceptable. Since the late 18th century, the French have been indulging in finger foods by putting together two thin slices of bread that were either toasted or fried and covered with various savory toppings. Portable and easy to handle, they needed no forks to enjoy these treats and it was definitely easier to talk and eat at the same time while sitting on the sofa without worrying about getting sauce stains on your clothes.

Finger foods became even more popular around the time when the Prohibition came into effect. Because bars and taverns were closing down, people took to opening secret watering holes known as speakeasies to eat, drink and be merry, in their basements and mostly homes of people who were willing to provide illegal libations. Finger foods became a necessity as they prevented patrons from leaving too inebriated and from being noticed by the authorities so finger sandwiches and stuffed mushrooms saved the day because they could be held in one hand while patrons held their drinks in the other as they worked the room. Check iconeventcatering.com.au for more about the history of finger foods and how they became a popular fare.

It was also around this time that cocktail parties became fashionable especially among the upper crust of society. It gave them a chance to show off with lobster canapés, caviar rolls, crabmeat cocktails and shrimp patties to name a few. Since then, they have evolved to being called “passed hors d’oeuvres” and finally to being “finger foods,” which are popularly served in small parties at home, potluck, at buffets and in big-deal events like the Super Bowl (hot chicken wings, anyone?) This convenience and flexibility that finger foods offer is the main reason people opt to have casual cocktail parties rather than formal sit-down dinners since the good food also brings people’s guards down and goes very well with both wine and beer, encouraging fun party conversation. Learn more about Cocktail Party Catering Sydney and what finger foods are popular with the party crowd these days.

The finger food trend these days is not just limited to cocktail parties or Super Bowl get-togethers. Even formal occasions like weddings are starting to hitch onto this trend with what are known as cocktail weddings. Instead of the usual sit-down dinners featuring the usual chicken, fish and beef dishes, cocktail trays are passed around all night, allowing the guests to eat, drink and mingle easily.

Wedding caterers these days have their own mini versions of both the classic and traditional wedding foods that are edgy as they are cool. They usually start off with mini shot glasses of grilled cheese and tomato soup, mini lobster rolls, mini pulled pork sandwiches and even bite-sized spaghetti and meatballs to mini Baked Alaska and cheesecake bites for dessert. These days, instead of the usual multi-tiered wedding cake, most professional caterers suggest gourmet doughnut or cupcake towers that guests can easily partake of. You can go online and learn more about finger food caterers Sydney and get suggestions on the best finger foods to serve at your parties.

Also, there’s just something about eating with your hands that makes you feel at ease even if you’re wearing your Sunday’s best. In some cultures, eating with a fork can feel threatening since it is almost like a weapon. Eating with your fingers or hands evokes great connection and has been touted to make one feel a sensual connection with the food and if you’ve been watching those new cooking shows on cable, you’ll even see chefs cooking with their hands and getting down and dirty in the belief that enables them to connect with their viewers better.

Food just tastes better when eaten with passion and conviction and nothing makes you feel that way more than by eating finger foods. This is probably one reason why more and more professional caterers like Icon Event Catering for example, incorporate finger food catering into their services as in addition to being able to offer their customers much flexibility and variety in their party menu, it somehow also makes the party more memorable since it takes out the stuffiness of formal fine dining but at the same time, satisfies with a lot of flavors and options.

So the next time you’re planning a small get-together or your Grandma Ellie’s birthday, you may want to consider serving finger foods. Not only are you able to offer your guests lots of flavor options, you also allow them to relax and just be themselves as they get to know your other guests, ensuring they enjoy themselves and make your party the talk of the town for a long time. If you are hard-pressed for great finger food catering ideas, check Icon Event Catering's finger foods catering and wow your guests with food they won’t soon forget.

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