Philosophy of Rock and Roll Life in China

By: yang

"I'm not a champion of rock,and I am just a listener of life,who is a retelling people.Life is in different poses and with different expressions .One day I will place it back completely, and listen to it deeply."
- Sun Meng Jin, " the rock days"

In the eyes of most people, the term of rock seems to be a synonym of vulgar and erosion.In the mainstream of chinese society,rock is heterogeneous,which is the underground groups cracked down with the people in west as "beat generation"during fifties and sixties.However,starting from the early eighties in China, so far, it has gone through a calm process from the heat to low. After all,the art of rock attitude and spirit of the artist's unique position, has always been throughout their lives.In a sense, unique artistic value and spiritual value contained in this is enough to rise to a philosophical level.

Music and Spirit
How would you rock?- The emergence of the problem
"I growled under the influence of consciousness,folded my hands , praying again."
- Twist machine "push me"

Rock in China is a special cultural symbols.The special of Rock is its own swelling and puffiness, which is always has gesture of tall, broad, angry compassion but also secular.The music culture form which is driven up far beyond its content and meaning.Cui Jian said a word,and the meaning is also here: "Rock is essentially a form of entertainment, and the social function is forced on by others." When we see this social phenomenon, social background is always our priority. With the rock situation in China today, no matter how to flaunt their rebellious and subversive,it is still not escape the great social background.
The peculiar of rock in China's is that it was used as a means, a demand platform,or a kind of religious activities under the social alienation.In every country, rock has never been experienced as a miracle in China.This miracle,which is given the kind of faith, injected into the idea of a temptation and became the flag of non-mainstream society, burning rhythm pulse of the times in the next.It is to talk the suffering of marginalized groups, depression and craving of human nature, anti-establishment in the process of suffering and doubt and so on.
In this environment, China rock seems to don't have a musical form, instead, is a picture of an angry face, while the music seems to have become a by-product of anger displayed in a chamber.

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