Pheromones for Men – Helping you take charge of your love life

By: Cristina Tulis

The dating scene is always very tricky, with the involved parties (especially men) trying to be seen as perfect. We can however make this encounter more fruitful if we borrow a leaf from the science of mating, and whose driving factor is pheromones i.e. the body’s chemicals that stimulate sexual emotions in the opposite sex. There are different pheromones cologne products a man can wear to increase the volume of these compounds and as such keep the woman endeared to him long enough to push the dating agenda through. Pheromones are in vogue and so you can expect the market to be flooded with pheromones for men, but as usual not all products are what they claim to be. Nonetheless, there are various companies that manufacture quality pheromones perfume for women products.
For a man to attract a woman he needs to command respect, display trustworthiness along with status, and yes, sexual appeal. These are qualities that can be planted in a woman’s mind via the pheromone Androstenone; its abilities are so good so much so that even people who have known you since birth will appreciate you even more. With just a 1oz pheromones for men spray can containing 28 grams of Androstenone, you are good to go.

A deadly combination to help men attract women who love bad boys is achievable by combining Androstenone and Copulins. The latter is a pheromone that is produced by ovulating women. In a woman’s mind this concoction implies that you recently got lucky and which is a proven turn on for women.
Still afraid of rejection and you would rather women break the ice? An Alpha and Beta Androstenol pheromones for men spray should do the trick for you. Androstenol works to attract women and increase chattiness in them plus giving them the impression that you are a friendly person to talk to. If you are looking for more sex then look for a pheromones cologne product that contains at least 6.5mg of Androstenone and also a hint of Androstenol. This is a mix that will have women hovering around you as though you are an irresistible Alpha male of the highest order.
Is communication breakdown letting you down and your woman is always expecting you to know what is in her mind? A pheromones perfume for women can containing Copulins, Androstenone and Androstenol should do the trick and get her talking without withholding anything for fear of how you may react.
With a Oxytocin-based pheromones for men spray you can create strong bonds of love, peace, affection, security, attachment and nurturing. This is possible because Oxytocin is produced by women during pregnancy and helps to create close bonds between mother and child. There are other pheromones for men that will help you should you need to appear approachable and charismatic, plus having a good balance of communication, authority, dominance and trust. Love can be boosted through pheromone Methoxyestratetraenone which also enhances deep communication, trust, and a feeling of masculine protection. The best of these pheromone sprays are laced with aloe to provide better adhesion so that the effects can last much longer.

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