Phentermine - the Truth About How it Works

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People interested in the use of Phentermine to solve their weight related problems often want to know about the drug and its mode of operation in the human body. A lot of health forums exist online where the question is frequently asked:” How does Phentermine Work?” To understand how Phentermine works you will have to understand how the drugs work on the hormones in the human body to produce the appetite suppressant effect they have. Drugs tend to operate in the human body by promoting or suppressing the release of certain chemicals which have certain functions in the body and Phentermine is no different from other drugs in this aspect.

Phentermine is designed to work like most of the drugs that we find available today. Most drugs work on the neurotransmitters which are found in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are used by the brain to relay messages from one brain cell to the other and subsequently the rest of the human body. Phentermine works on the neurotransmitters to promote the relay certain messages within the human brain. These messages are related to the feeling of hunger and the need to eat, the effects result in the body feeling less of a need for food, hence the reason why Phentermine is often called an appetite suppressant.

To understand this more clearly you have to understand how the brain works when you want to eat or you “feel” hungry. When the glucose levels in your body are low the liver which is responsible for the conversion of food into glucose to provide energy sends a signal to the hypothalamus region of the brain. These signals are also transmitted when the body notices a reduction in the levels of leptin which are found in fat cells. On detecting these signals the hypothalamus sends signals to our body which make us feel “hungry”, the stomach starts to contract and in some cases you feel weak.

When you buy Phentermine and take it, it does not work directly to suppress the appetite. The ingested pills release their Phentermine content which travels through the bloodstream towards the brain. In the brain Phentermine then stimulates the release of certain neurotransmitters which are known in scientific circles as catecholamines. In turn these catecholamines stimulate a fight or flight response in the body. A fight or flight response is a response generated by the body when it feels the need to be alert and responsive to the environment. This response also causes the body to halt the hunger signal thus the person no longer “feels” hungry. In a nutshell this is how Phentermine diet pills act on the human body as an appetite suppressant.

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