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By: Adrian Rocker

If you have been led into believing that small is beautiful, think again with all the problems and menace of pests in homes across the country. With termites causing billions of dollars of damages inside buildings and homes all over the country every year, who needs bigger enemies to compete with? Pest control Phoenix is all the time busy fighting the menace of pests, especially termites that have caused extensive damage to property in different places in the last few years. Where even the Pentagon and the White House are not immune from the infestation of termites, you can very well imagine how secure your own property is from the attack of these tiny, but nasty creatures.

Be Alert and Look for the Signs of Termites

Though termites feed on dead wood, they can even infest living shrubs and trees. With dead wood being scarce in jungles, termites have started to invade homes across the country in search of dead wood that contains what they love to eat, cellulose. This they find aplenty in the form of all the wooden furniture and flooring used in homes. Arizona happens to be one state that is badly affected by the termite infestation. There are many signs of termites eating away the wood of your furniture and it is prudent to be paying for a regular inspection from pest control Phoenix to prevent these white ants from silently eating away on your investment.

Winged Monsters Often Indicate Infestation of the Property

People call upon pest control Phoenix mostly when they see winged termites in or around their property. These are swarmer’s that develop wings in a bid to be able to develop new colonies as otherwise they cannot move to new places. These winged termites are able to fly and disperse in such a fashion that they are able to get to new places. Spring is usually the time when these winged monsters start swarming. Pest control Phoenix tells clients to spring into action, once they detect these small monsters flying around their property.

If you are a homeowner, you can guard your property against termites yourself by looking for signs of termites. These signs are well advertised by Phoenix pest control companies and go a long way in ensuring that the property remains free of termite infestation. If you want to know all about these signs, just make a visit to the website of a Phoenix pest control company. All these websites do caution against swarmer’s who appear out of nowhere during spring. These flying termites shed their wings and then search for a place to make a new colony with their mates.

As a homeowner, you can find swarmer’s inside your home near doors and windows. These swarmer’s get attracted to light sources, but there is no need to be unduly worried if you find them coming from a tree stump or a woodpile. However, there is need to call Phoenix pest control if they are seen coming out of the foundation wall inside the property.

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