Personalized Santa Letters or a Santa Call Which Do I Choose?

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If you have children, you know how much they look forward to Christmas. Anticipation of an annual visit by Santa Claus makes this a very exciting time of year. Children will be on their best behavior and their excitement can be infectious. Many parents look for ways to increase the excitement level for their children. Two options for doing this are personalized Santa letters and a Santa call. But which should you choose?

Personalized Santa letters are a great option for strengthening a child’s belief in Santa Claus and making the Christmas season more exciting for young children. This, of course, assumes the child is old enough to read. Many businesses have begun to offer a service around this time of year that involves arranging for your child to receive a personalized letter from Santa Claus. These personalized Santa letters are usually form letters that come in a variety of choices that can be modified and edited to fit any individual child. Personalized Santa letters are a low cost method of making a child happier during this special season.

Parents are able to edit the form letters to include personal details about the child that will make the child believe that Santa has taken time out of his routine to write a letter acknowledging the Christmas wishes of the child and assuring him/her that he is coming and looking forward to making the child’s Christmas wishes come true.

Arranging a Santa call may be better for younger or older children. Santa calls can be handled in a couple of different ways. Live calls cost a little more, but are much more realistic. This can be the best option for the older children as it eliminates the pauses associated with prerecorded Santa calls. A real live person calls your child at a prearranged time and has been provided with several personal details that enable him to carry on a conversation in the persona of Santa Claus that sounds very realistic.

Another option is arranging for an interactive prerecorded call to be made. Some very sophisticated computer programs have been created that allow a parent to arrange a time for the call to be made and personal details integrated into the script. These programs are very highly interactive and capable of switching between phrases to react to the conversation of the child. Prerecorded calls are less costly than live calls, so they often fill their schedules quickly. If a prerecorded call is desired, it is best to arrange it well in advance.

So which is the best choice? The answer is entirely dependent on your personal circumstances. Only you know your children and their ages and preferences. You know which would please your child more and which you can better afford. Personalized Santa letters are a good option for most children. Sometimes, however, it is better to arrange a Santa call so your child can actually talk to and hear Santa.

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