Personalized Santa Letters or a Santa Call: Either one is a Good Choice

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Personalized Santa letters are a new tradition for many families. While a lot of families have written letters to Santa as a part of their Christmas celebration, having Santa write a personalized letter back to the children is a relatively new idea. Another new idea is having Santa Claus call the children on the telephone. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of preference, but personalized Santa letters or a Santa call; either one is a good choice for bringing extra cheer to your children this Christmas season.

Personalized Santa letters can be acquired from a lot of different sources. Many department stores have added this service to their Christmas offerings just as they offer gift wrapping. A number of entrepreneurs with computers have started offering personalized Santa letters around this time of year to add to their income for the holiday season. Many websites have been created that offer this service. No matter where you buy yours, getting personalized Santa letters sent to your children will put a sparkle in their eyes and a smile on their faces.

One thing about ordering personalized Santa letters is the fact that some personal information about the children is necessary to edit the letters so that they fit a particular child and are not just a generic form letter. The same is true of Santa calls. The person making the call needs to have some basic information about the child, including name, age, what the child has requested for Christmas, and a few other minor details to make the call sound authentic. After all, Santa is supposed to know everything about kids.

Santa calls cost a little more than personalized Santa letters, but they can be well worth the investment. Santa calls can be formatted in a couple of different ways. The highest quality is achieved with a live Santa call. The call is scheduled in advance for a time when the parent knows that the child will be available to take the call. When the phone rings, there will be a real live person on the line to speak to the child in the role of Santa Claus.

The other format for Santa calls is a prerecorded version. These come in different quality levels as well. The least expensive are totally prerecorded with the child’s information edited into the script. Higher quality recorded Santa calls use sophisticated computer software that enables the script to be changed based on what the child says so they are very interactive. The best ones are sophisticated enough to sound like a live call.

It is a family tradition for many families to write letters to Santa. Several families have made it a new tradition to have personalized Santa letters or Santa calls come to the children. It does not matter whether parents order personalized Santa letters or Santa calls. Either is a good choice for bringing a child a special touch of happiness this Christmas season.

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