Personalisation in ecommerce

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Personalisation in ecommerce has been a highly debated and discussed area. Its genesis can be traced very nearly to the start of ecommerce itself. With the growth of this industry, personalisation grew, too. Today, personalisation is talked about as one of the most important components of ecommerce email marketing success.
Know your customer!
Well, knowing your customer is as important for your business as knowledge of the subject is for the teacher. But remember that this is all the more important in e-commerce, because unlike in the brick and mortar kind of business in which you can see the customer face to face and enquire as to her specific needs; here, you have the faceless customer who drops in and goes out. Getting the customer to stay on the site and purchase is the real challenge in ecommerce.
When a customer enters a website, what is it that is most likely to hold her attention? Of course, the product. But which product does she stay on the website for? This is the key to answering why personalisation is so important. When a woman in her 20’s visits your website and the first display is of an after shave lotion, does that make sense? Similarly, if your ecommerce website offers a glut of products that the visitor has no interest for; you can be certain that you have lost a potential customer. But then, how do you know that the customer is a 20’s female? This is where personalisation comes into the picture.
Ways of personalisation
The high level of growth in the ecommerce industry can be traced to several factors, one of the most important of which is personalisation. Personalisation has now grown into much more than a customised “Dear Ms Sara”. Of course, personalising the email to the exact customer is an important aspect, but there is more to personalisation than just addressing the customer by name.
The most important purpose of personalisation is served when the customer who is looking for X product is led to X product and not to Y or Z products. This can be arrived at by properly classifying your visitor into a group based on the demographic data she has provided at the time of registering on your website. Market research professionals can help get a proper slot of the visitor. Once the visitor gets to see products that more or less match her needs, you can rest assured that she is not going to leave your site in a hurry.

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