Personal Training in Virginia

By: Mel Joelle

Most people have a fitness goal. Usually it relates to a perceived problem area. Women are often concerned about the hips and thighs. Men wish their love handles would disappear. And everyone worries about the stomach area.

Some people also have a dream to achieve. For some it’s being able to compete in a triathlon. Others have their mind set on the long view. They know that staying fit is the key to having an active and healthy lifestyle throughout the entirety of their lives. They don’t want their senior years to be overshadowed by health issues and immobility.

A personal trainer can help each of these people to achieve their desired outcomes. Fitness trainers give their clients one on one instruction. They can tailor a workout plan specifically for the individual that targets a certain part of the body or helps prepare them for an athletic event. More than that, a personal trainer can provide proper instruction so that each exercise is performed correctly for optimum results and to lessen the risk of injury.

Anyone who has worked out at a gym knows that the routine can get old. They cycle through the weight machines and make use of the dumbbells. They climb onto the treadmill or elliptical to elevate their heart rate. There’s nothing wrong with this type of routine – except that it does get stale. A personal trainer can introduce clients to new movements that challenge every muscle in new ways. After hitting an exercise plateau, in which gains are minimal or nonexistent, engaging the help of a fitness trainer takes the workout to a new level. Motivation reaches an all time high as results begin to be apparent. Suddenly working out isn’t a chore, it’s a joy.

Workouts designed by a personal trainer are also valuable for those who are recovering from an injury. Qualified personal trainers have received intensive training that allows them to create a workout that is mindful of any injury concerns their client may have. Under their tutelage an injured hamstring can gain strength and flexibility. A wrist that was once broken can again become strong and supple. With the help of a certified personal trainer the individual who is recovering from an injury can get themselves back into shape and feeling better than ever.

People who exercise regularly tend to live longer, more fulfilling lives. They are more energetic and have the stamina required to cope with an active lifestyle. Exercise is empowering and a personal trainer is one of the best ways to make the most out of life. Check out Achieve Fitness at today to schedule a consultation or to sign up for a private session with a certified personal fitness trainer. Anyone who wants to look and feel better and achieve their personal fitness goals should give personal training a try. It’s the best way to get a whittled waistline, compete in a triathlon or just feel prepared to meet the challenges of an active life.

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