Personal Training Northern Virginia

By: Mel Joelle

Fitness is the closest science has come to the Fountain of Youth. By working out and eating right, anyone can get in shape.

But how exactly do you “workout” or “eat right?” That’s where a personal trainer comes in.

What is a personal trainer?

Personal training is exactly what its name suggests. Someone experienced in exercise physiology personally trains you in the ways of working out.

Billions of dollars a year are spent on taking care of people that don’t take care of themselves. Obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and even diabetes can be directly linked to an inactive lifestyle.

Like doctors, personal trainers prescribe the right weights, reps, sets and workouts to get you in shape

Can a personal trainer really help me

Personal trainers, or PTs, spend years acquiring their knowledge. They read books, attend classes and seminars, apply critical thinking and memorize the human anatomy. They have performed all the exercises and used all the machines.

The gym is the PT’s laboratory. That is where they apply the science, perfecting their techniques and fine-tuning their theories. PTs are to the human body what mechanics are to vehicles. They “pop the hood” and analyze the various parts.

In today’s fitness-crazed world, where miracle pills and futuristic equipment claim to give instant results, PTs are the real thing, genuine magicians who can perform wonders on you.

How do I know if I need a personal trainer?

Are you working out but not seeing results? Do you want to exercise, but just can’t get motivated? Have you never been to a gym or picked up a weight before?

A PT can assist you with all of these challenges. They devote their lives to helping strangers make their physique dreams come true.

PTs help clients that have been around the gym, but aren’t seeing any results. They can dissect the program and determine exactly what is holding them back. PTs can challenge clients that have hit the hardest plateau of all – boredom. They can set goals and remind them why they are there. But most of the time, PTs help clients that have never exercised before. By going slowly and being patient, PTs are able to take beginners and turn them into experts.

Where can I get a personal trainer

Virginia has some of the best PTs in the country. They are focused on achieving results and settle only for the best, from themselves and their clients. Because of its mountainous landscapes and rugged countryside, Virginia tends to produce athletic, outdoor-loving residents.

PTs in Virginia can provide services in the DC, Maryland and North Virginia area. Their passion for training clients is boundless.

Stop standing at the refrigerator and start standing under the squat rack. Drop the remote control and pick up a dumbbell. A call to action cannot begin without a call. Contact us to set up a consultation or sign up for a session today!

The greatest weight you will ever have to lift is your own doubt.

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