Persistence & Consistency Are Success Strategies for Personal Success


Experiencing personal success by practicing some very important habits will enable someone to achieve financial freedom in a home business consistently by pushing forward. Two of these habits are persistence and consistency. That means never quitting, persevering, and staying focused through all of the distractions that occur in our daily lives.

I am involved in an online turnkey business opportunity and I have to consistently remind myself that it requires the habits of persistence and consistency. Many times we just dont feel like doing all of those activities which will yield the most results for our long-term goals and I am just as guilty of this as other people Ive known!

Everybody I know wants to experience personal success although many people are not willing to pay the price for success. Therefore, I want to choose success over failure and this means focusing on moving forward. Most people would rather have a large bank account over an empty one. Not having enough money in our funds creates many hardships in families, in relationships, marriages, and friendships and many times these relationships die.

In the book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", by T. Harv Eker he talks about the way that poor people think versus the way that rich people think. One of the beliefs he talks about that many poor people have is: "Money is the root of all evil". He says that this is such a ridiculous statement; and obviously made by somebody that didnt have it. He says that money is not the root of all evil. Evil people are the root of evil. Money only makes you more of who you already are. If you are good, more money will probably make you a more giving and generous person. If you are bad, you'll invest your money in bad things and bad deeds. Thats just the way it is."

The question is: How can YOU earn BIG dividends in your home-based business?

Habits of persistence and consistency will create more "personal success" and earn huge dividends for anybody that has these habits. It just boils down to just doing some good old-fashioned work! You should plan on living that way for as long as it takes you to reach your financial goals. Every successful entrepreneur that Ive ever known has become wealthy and has been able to "achieve financial freedom" because they were persistent in the pursuit of their goals. They were totally consistent in their daily efforts.

So, what do these words mean?

Persistence: Persistence means that you DO, DO, and DO and you continue DOING the work. It is one of the "success strategies" that successful people have. You do UNTIL:. Persistence is in the "doing or die trying" attitude. You continue doing the work and you never stop or give up. In working a home-based business is it important that you do not waste your time with the wrong people. You look for the people that have a desire to make a "life changing" decision about changing the quality of their lives. More importantly, they want to do the work that it will require to "achieve financial freedom".

Persistence keeps someone motivated when many other people will give up and quit because they think it is too hard. The truth is that their desire is not strong enough nor is their vision for a better life. In other words---they are not willing to pay the price. Therefore, when others stop or turn back, it is important to keep moving forward. Being persistent is really a mindset.

Consistency: Consistency is doing the simple daily activities with your efforts every single day. Consistency moves your business forward and becomes the core of your success. It is important to do something, whether it is for only one hour or 12 hours that day. That daily repetition of productive activity leads to victory and "personal success".

You cant help but to "achieve financial freedom" if you continue to be persistent and to stay totally consistent in your business. Everyday you must do something to move your home business forward. This means making phone calls, submitting an article, blogging, or giving a business presentation by introducing new people to your business. Consistency is what attracts all kinds of opportunities toward you. The right people will appear in your life if you simply approach your business with consistent daily activities.

The reason I speak about persistence and consistency is from my own experience. I know that the times that I have created the best results and real momentum are by continuing to take massive action. These things have happened because of my persistence and my commitment to not give up. That means that every single activity I do everyday is bringing me closer and closer to my goal. These daily activities help me feel a sense of accomplishment and personal success. It feels good to help people with their vision of creating a better quality of live and to help them achieve a higher level in their life.

SUGGESTION: Don't be like the masses of people who quit, give up, turn back, or never try. Make a decision to do something good every day and you WILL experience massive "personal success".

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